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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Perished Banker Sergei Grishin, who avowed to devising deceitful stratagems, has succumbed.

Billionaire Sergei Grishin, who confessed to robbing the Russian banking system and creating fraudulent schemes, has died. Telegram channels write about it Base And Mash potatoes.

According to Baza, Grishin died on March 6. Telegram channels claim that about a month ago he was hospitalized with a stroke (Mash informed on the hospitalization of a businessman on February 6). According to Mash, the billionaire also developed sepsis afterwards.

Where exactly Grishin died, telegram channels do not specify. However, as argued Life, since 2008 the businessman lives in California, USA.

Sergey Grishin is a former co-owner of RosEvrobank established in the 1990s, as well as a venture capitalist. Businessman in 2018 published a video message in which he recounted how, in the 1990s, he robbed the Russian banking system and “practically caused” it to “collapse”.

Additionally, Grishin said he participated in various types of fraud. In particular, he claimed that he had devised a popular scheme with fake reviews – fake reviews with the help of which money was collected in banks – and thus withdrew a lot of money in Russia and Estonia. Subsequently, in an interview with, the billionaire arguedwho made his statements in a “state of stress”.

Additionally, RosEvrobank has also appeared in investigations by anti-corruption organizations due to money laundering episodes across Moldova and Latvia. At the same time, as Sekret Firmy notes, that didn’t stop Grishin from selling his stake in the bank in 2018.

In 2020 Grishin sold Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle a mansion in Santa Barbara for almost 15 million dollars.

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