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Qatar: Briar Goldberg for Al Sharq: 5 tips for mastering the art of public speaking


Regardless of the language used, the heart of the matter is the same, said Ms. Briar Goldberg, director of speaker training at TED, which is the interaction of the speaker with the audience. As for the difference from one language and culture to another, it is no more than the content of the speech, so that it resonates with the required audience for a specific audience, and have you ever thought about standing in front of the audience to deliver a speech or share an idea, but you do not know how and where to start? There is no doubt that public speaking is an art, and mastering it requires a set of skills and attributes that can help you influence your audience and convince them of your idea. These skills by their nature transcend the boundaries of language and culture, and you can learn and practice them whatever your language, culture or country you live in. The essence of effective communication is to put the audience at the center of the equation, so that the audience is the only target behind everything you say, no matter what language you speak, and all you need is to “take the time to practice.”

“Even those who have been practicing public speaking for a long time can also improve their performance,” she says. What most people don’t know is that public speaking doesn’t have to be in front of a large audience, it can be in a meeting with three of your peers. Every time you speak it, you have a chance to grow your skills and become better. Start with small steps, and look for opportunities to practice public speaking, whether that is by giving presentations, or speaking at a party or social event.

She pointed out that speaking in front of a large audience can be intimidating, and that you can overcome this fear if you keep in mind that “most of the crowd is on your side, and the audience does not seek to fail you or make you feel ashamed, but is on your side and wants you to succeed. He is there to learn from you, which is an important point in the individual’s favour. And she said: Among the 5 most important tips for mastering the art of public speaking are: the audience before the content, and thinking about the audience first, otherwise do not communicate with them effectively, but rather scatter words in the air no more, and learn how to become a skilled storyteller: many people believe that they are good at narrating stories, but sometimes they give too much information.

Some advice: Be as clear as possible: don’t burden your audience with riddles, speak clearly, and use words and phrases that everyone can understand. Make sure your arguments and goals are clear so that people can follow what you say, be human: if you make a mistake and initiate apologies, speak in a language that is close to the audience whatever language, too formal or too discreet, the audience will not be able to communicate, and maintaining eye contact is very important Looking into people’s eyes, and maintaining eye contact with them while talking, this ensures the continuity of communication. The TED Summit in Arabic will be held in Doha on March 18-19, 2023, as part of the partnership between Qatar Foundation and TED.

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