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Friday, March 24, 2023

Qatar: Great excitement with silver torso symbols

The fun, excitement and clubbing continued at the annual festival of purebred Arabian camel racing on the sword of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, on its fourth day in a row, as the date was yesterday with the million runs and silver symbols designated for the public trunk runs of the camels of tribesmen from different countries The Gulf Cooperation Council, and “Buhour”, owned by Muhammad Ali Saeed Salim Al-Jahafy, tweeted the law of the main half of the first round of the production virginity, after winning the main first half, in the start of the morning competitions, and “Buhour” achieved victory in the main round of the first round of production in a strong and distinguished time of 9 : 07:79 minutes, and “Nasi” King Abdullah Mubarak Muslim Al-Amri starred, in the main second half dedicated to the juggernaut, Qadan Intaj, decisively winning the lead in the strong half in a time of 9:12:75 minutes, and “Al-Reem” Malik Ali Hamad Saleh decided Al-Sharqi, winning the law of the fifth round dedicated to the trunk of the first-class production of Qatar, at a time of 9:16:96 minutes, and “Hayyad” Malak Muhammad Ali Abu Shareb Al-Marri, winning the law of the main sixth round of the stem of the first-wheeler, produced by Qatar, at a time of 9:18: 68 minutes.

Main Open And “Al-Hada” King Hamad Salim Harbi Al-Amiri snatched the law of the most powerful open runs, after winning the law of the ninth round allocated as the main of the open Bakkar trunk at a time of 9:16:62 minutes, and “Arabs”, King Salem Muhammad Saeed Al-Minhali, also decided to win the law. The tenth round, which is designated as the main for the trunk, has two open seats, at a time of 9:13:27 minutes, and the public trunk kicks off yesterday morning over the course of 26 rounds, the first four of which were devoted to production and the next four to the production of the State of Qatar, then 18 open rounds, all of which took place from the 6th point. km, and the excitement, clubness, and great competition were present in all runs. Bakkar production and managed "Karara" Malak Salem Ali Salem Al-Jarboui Al-Marri won the third round, which was allocated to the production squat, with a time of 9:13:56 minutes, while he won "Soleimani" King Saeed Ali Muhammad Saeed Al Nuaimi in the fourth half, which was allocated two production seats with a time of 9:14:76 minutes, and hit "the nude " A date in the seventh round, which was allocated to the production of Qatar, and the victory was achieved for its owner, the belt of Zaid Muhammad Mohsen Al-Nadila, with a time of 9:22:60, and he won "Stocked up" King Abdullah Ali Rashid Juhaym Al-Marri, in the eighth round allocated for the Qadaan, Production of Qatar, after covering the distance with a time of 9:17:04 minutes, and flew "Arabs" King Salem Muhammad Saeed Al-Minhali, in the tenth round, dedicated to two open seats, with a time of 9:13:27.

The evening period The pace of competition between the giant slogans increased at the end of the first stage competitions for the camel tribesmen during the evening period, especially in the runs of the main symbols for which million prizes were allocated, which raised the degree of enthusiasm among the participants to the highest levels. And the intensity of competition was raised by the presence of an elite group of Gulf camels that bear many slogans and colors, which came from various countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in search of glory in the field of challenge and in a great festival that bears a name dear to everyone, which is the name of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, May God protect him and take care of him, and the Emirati camels had the largest presence in yesterday’s runs, represented by the largest number of qualitative horses that are only satisfied with victory and are always looking for the lead, and they were a great match for the camel sons of Al-Shahaniya, which also possesses strong and distinctive qualities capable of competing and imposing control in all fields Internal and external, the kingdom’s camels also had a strong presence as a representative of the third side in the terrible triangle consisting of Qatar, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and the camels of the Sultanate of Oman were also strongly present, as well as Kuwaiti camels.


Emirati trio The camel of the Emirates, by virtue of its quantitative superiority, acquired three strong symbols in the silver trunk competitions yesterday evening, after it achieved victory in the silver trunk of the trunk with an open bag through “Raud” Malak Saleh Muhammad Saleh Nasra Al-Amiri in a time of 9:04:06 minutes, As well as winning the silver dagger for the Omani women’s trunk by “Dari” Malak Muhammad Sultan Matar Markhan Al Ketbi, the winner of the fourth main round of the Omani women’s trunk with a time of 9:03:91 minutes, and then finally winning the silver medal for the trunk by virgin production, by “bullet”. King Hamad Rashid Hamad Ghadeer Al Ketbi, who fired a coup de grace at her rivals in the main fifth game, to settle the lead and Al Namoos in a time of 9:08:20 minutes. A strong Qatari duo, while the Qatari camels shone, and the sons of Al-Shahaniya had a strong and influential presence in all the main stages, and “Shaghmoum”, the king of Mubarak Muhammad Hadi Al-Jarboui Al-Marri, was able to snatch the first symbols of the Qatari camels yesterday evening by winning the strongest symbols of the two-legged after he snatched the silver dagger of the open-seated trunk, which was designated For the main second half, in a strong and distinguished time of 8:58:65 minutes, which is the best time in yesterday’s competitions, the always brilliant slogan Salem Ali Miteb Al-Saaq continued his great brilliance this season, and he was able to seize the silver dagger of the trunk and seated production, by “ Lattam, “the winner of the last main rounds of today’s strong and fiery evening, with a time of 9:03:26 minutes, to add the second point and the second symbol for the people of Qatar during the competitions. The blue wave, while the camel of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recorded its distinguished presence as well, by winning a strong and distinctive symbol, which is the silver shelving of the young virgin Omani women, which was snatched by “Al-Kaida” with its distinctive blue logo owned by Mr. Abdulaziz Musa Abdulaziz Al-Mousa, and “Al-Kaida” won the main third round in time. 9:02:13 minutes, and the competitions of the evening period continued today over the course of 18 rounds, the first six of which were allocated million prizes and strong silver symbols, while large in-kind prizes were allocated for the rest of the rounds, and all runs took place from a distance of 6 km, and the big club was the slogan and feature of the race The great one who witnessed strong competition.


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