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Monday, March 27, 2023

The perilous style of Games and the profligate squandering of resources were met with hearty congratulations from the Russian people on the 8th of March.

Russia relies on traditional values ​​in its politics and life, which makes Russian society “healthy” and puts an end to “dangerous gender games”. Men remain men, and women remain women, who not only create comfort and care, but also contribute to the fight against the “followers of the Nazis”. RTVI tells how the President of Russia and other personalities congratulated Russian women on March 8.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

The head of state congratulated Russian women twice: in an official speech and when presenting state prizes to representatives of various professions.

President notedthat in Russia, the March 8 holiday is “always filled with special warmth and significance”, because “a noble and respectful attitude towards a woman, towards motherhood is for us an unconditional value that is transmitted from generation to generation”.

In his speech, Putin specifically pointed to female soldiers and Russians who support the Russian military.

“Write letters, collect parcels with everything you need, weave camouflage nets, go to hospitals as volunteers to take care of everyone as if they were your own son”, said the president.

During the presentation of the Putin State Prizes notedthat in Russia “perhaps there are no such industries, fields of activity in which women would not achieve serious and significant results.” At the same time, according to the president, the recognition of the professional merits of women “in our country is harmoniously combined with a deep understanding of the enduring importance of motherhood and traditional values”.

“Men and women – they were all born thanks, above all, to a woman. <…> It is a special mission entrusted by the Almighty, and in a normal and healthy society it is valued above all else – and even more so in ours. Why even more? Because we have a healthy society based on our historical traditions,” Putin stressed.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev in his congratulations video called March 8 a holiday that “personifies rebirth and beauty.”

“You give us happiness and care, even in the most anxious and difficult days. <…> Today, in the fight for truth and justice, we defend what each of us holds most precious, our homeland, our history, the future of our children. I am sure that we will overcome difficult trials with honor,” Medvedev addressed the women.

He also addressed a “low bow” to the female soldiers who “in the rear and on the front line are bringing our victory closer”.

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko

Matviyenko dedicated part of his March 8 greetings to criticizing the “new order of the sexes” and assured that there would be no “dangerous gender games” in Russia.

The head of the Federation Council noted that in recent years women have had to defend their right to be and remain women.

“We are talking about attempts to establish the so-called new gender order on the planet, which is based on the concept of gender neutrality. <…> There is, for example, the gender pre-woman, non-feminine, non-sexual masculine, etc. <…> People with such abnormalities were, are, and always will be. But they do not fix, do not determine the paths of development of humanity, the order of life of society”, said in the address of the head of the Federation Council.

She admitted that the needs of minorities must be taken into account “to some extent”, but warned against the “tyranny of the minorities on the majority”, which could lead to a “deadly consequence for humanity” such than the destruction of the family.

According to the head of the Federation Council, progress and progress are linked to the traditional values ​​on which Russia is based.

“We do not confuse the sexes. Men and women are the backbone of biological, social and cultural communities. The main task here is to harmonize their relationship, and not to create a mixture of men and women. And so there are no dangerous genre games in our country and there never will be. Neither in kindergartens, nor in schools, nor in education, nor in politics, nor in legislation. Let the West conduct this dangerous experiment on itself,” Matviyenko stressed.

Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin

“Men want to say good things to you all year long, waiting for March 8.

It is not fair. You have to love, respect, surround women with care on a daily basis!” ― writing speaker of the lower house in a telegram.

Yulia Chicherina singer

Chicherina posted a photo on her Telegram channel in which she stands against the background of a map of New York in a helmet, body armor and a machine gun in her hands.

“How wonderful to live in a country where men remain men, without changing sex and without wasting their ass right and left, like the Europeans, and where women remain women, stopping galloping horses and quietly entering burning shacks. Congratulations to us, girls! Glory to Russia! Victory will be ours!” ― writing Chicherine.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin

The head of the Investigation Committee pointed to the achievements of female investigators, which prove that “male” professions do not exist, and also thanked the female veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

“And now women are once again taking part in the fight against Nazi supporters, contributing to the investigation of crimes committed by Ukrainian armed groups,” said congratulations to Bastrykin.

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