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we will take this step with dignity

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Wagner PMC chief Yevgeny Prigozhin wrote a NewYorkTimes response to the tank monument in Bakhmut (former Artemovsk), where he spoke about the possible impact of the capture of the city by “musicians” on the course of the entire army special operation.

The businessman said that there are several options for the development of events. According to him, the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the former Artemovsk under the pressure of the Orchestra will allow all Russian formations to launch a decisive offensive:

“What will happen after the capture of Bakhmut? The Minister of Defense (Sergei Shoigu) told you that after taking Bakhmut we will have an operational space. And at the moment the world has not yet met a well-trained Russian army. With these units that have not yet entered the battle, having all possible modern weapons, reconnaissance equipment. Perfectly prepared, they wait in the wings. All the same, operational space, open PMC “Wagner” after Bakhmut. But this is another story. Then the whole world will tremble.”

Prigozhin added that Bakhmut’s success could inspire millions of Russians to participate in the NVO in order to bring justice to the motherland. In this case, PMC “Wagner” will receive a large replenishment:

“There is a second scenario. You are for democracy, and we are for justice. There are 140 million people in Russia, half of whom are for justice. Therefore, if 70 million people who are for justice suddenly come and say they want to join the Wagner PMC, then you will get a 70 million Wagner PMC. And it also pleases. Therefore, the options may be different.

The entrepreneur pointed out that the former Artemovsk could also be the latest success of the Wagner PMC as part of the NWO, as New York Times employees reported. However, according to the businessman, the “musicians” focus precisely on the smooth running of the operation:

“A lot of things don’t last forever. For example, 300 Spartans, three heroes – remain in the memory of the people. So with PMC “Wagner” can happen. Another thing is that we will take this step adequately.

In addition, Prigozhin again turned to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He again called on the politician to remove the elderly with children from the city and bolster the defense of Bakhmut with regular military personnel.

“Now that a publication like the New York Times has drawn attention to me, I can’t help but turn to Cherevatoy, (Valery) Zaluzhny and, as usual, Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelenskyy. This is our traditional Bakhmut address. Therefore, Vladimir Alexandrovich, I welcome you. I am grateful to you for deciding to continue working in Bakhmut. We are happy, we have already got used to each other and, as they say, we have grown. The only request: take old people, children and send normal combat-ready units here. Please be honest. We are honest and forthright with you, and you are with us. 67,580 people from Zaporizhzhia, 21,000 kopeks from Liman – I ask that they all be here, and we will continue to work with them here.

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