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Sunday, March 26, 2023

A dispute has arisen between Ukraine and the United States over the preparation of the Ukrainian army for the flights Fox News

“This is not training, this is an assessment of the possibilities of using certain types of American weapons on their fighters, that is, on MiGs. We are talking about a certain type of missiles guided systems that we give them,” reports Kirby Owl. TASS.
In turn, Ukrainian President Zelensky claims to have received a promise from President Biden to organize a training mission to prepare the Ukrainian military to fly F-16 fighter jets.

“We really need them (F-16 fighters, – note ‘RG’), and the president said they can start training Ukrainian pilots. President Biden said work on this will start soon “, Zelensky said in a published CNN interview. Wednesday.

In addition, the President of Ukraine expressed the hope that the United States will sooner or later decide on the transfer of the plane itself.

Earlier, Politico and NBC reported on the arrival of Ukrainian pilots in the United States on March 4. It was also announced that eight more Ukrainian pilots would arrive in March.

Later, Politico, citing sources, wrote that despite the arrival of two Ukrainian pilots in the United States for their possible training to work with Western fighters, including the F-16, Washington’s position on sending of such aircraft remains unchanged. For example, the United States considers sending such fighters to Kiev premature and does not consider it a priority.

Washington claims that during the stay of Ukrainian pilots in the United States, the possibility of equipping MiG-29 aircraft with Western air-to-air missiles is being considered.

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