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Monday, March 20, 2023

In the Czech Republic, the new head of state has officially taken office

After the inauguration, Peter Pavel went to the balcony of one of the palace buildings to greet the assembled public.

On the same day, Milos Zeman, who had ruled the Czech Republic for ten years, left the city, going to his country house in the status of a simple pensioner. His era is over.

Of course, Zeman will go down in the country’s history as a major political figure. He is a character who, on the one hand, was ruthlessly criticized by the Prague Coffee House, that is, the liberal part of society, and on the other hand, was also unconditionally supported by the Czech province. Without much difficulty, he won the presidential elections twice, but more than once he found himself under threat of impeachment. The reason for this is the often “politically incorrect” statements of the Head of State on various occasions, as well as his non-trivial actions, which did not fit well with the role of a politician who, according to the constitution, was doomed to fail. do not go beyond representative functions.

Zeman was a categorical opponent of receiving migrants from “problem” states in the Czech Republic, harshly criticized Ukrainian nationalists, after 2014 he repeatedly advocated the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, spoke in a manner disparaging of various aspects of EU policy, put the American ambassador in Prague in his place, defiantly traveled to Moscow for the celebration of Victory Day, berated the “toppers” of monuments to Soviet soldiers … True, in February of this year, following the rest of the European leadership, he did not support a special military operation.
It doesn’t matter what they say about him, and this 78-year-old for ten years, of course, was the “Czech chef.” His statements and actions, even erroneous, have always been dictated by pragmatism and concern for the interests of his country.

Charismatic, not devoid of humor, beaten to death in “heavyweight” political fights, Zeman had been chained to a wheelchair for the past few months. But at dinner there was still a glass or two of slivovitz missing.

Milos Zeman’s opponents did not miss the opportunity to send a “black tip” after him. They threw from the Charles Bridge into the river the burning mythological character Morana, who symbolized the now former president. The organizers of this action told the press that with the doll they threw into the Vltava “lies, vulgarity, arrogance, rudeness, violation of the constitution, prejudice and hatred, as well as the consumption of alcohol during working hours work”.

As for Pavel, he has promised in the coming days to present to the Czechs his program for the first hundred days of his presidential mandate. At the same time, he stipulated that the laws in force strongly restrict the possibilities of the head of state.

Moreover, Petr Pavel, apparently, will not rush with a housewarming party at Prague Castle. In his opinion, there may be eavesdropping devices, which means that leakage of classified information is possible. It is only after checking all the premises for the presence of “bugs” and the expulsion of a private security company from the City, that the new president will agree to work in this residence.

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