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Qatar: A study on the risks of sugar substitute sweeteners reveals their relationship to strokes and heart attacks

Some tend to use alternative sweeteners to sugar, either for health reasons, or a desire to adopt certain diets, and sugar substitute is used to sweeten various products such as coffee, tea, and food dishes of various kinds, and it is included as an essential ingredient in keto diet dishes, and low-sugar foods.


However, controversy arises about these calorie-free sweeteners from time to time. Are they completely safe? What are its results in the long term? And many other questions, and today a new controversy emerges about the compound of the "erythritol" Which is available in many common sweeteners and a range of foods, especially diet products "Keto"According to a study reported by CNN in Arabic.


First of all, the study indicates that one of the dangerous aspects of this substance is that it is difficult to identify it in foods or drinks, because, according to the study, there is no rule that requires or compels the name of the local substance on the product label.


To discuss the results of the study and to understand erythritol more clearly, the network hosted the doctor and assistant professor of health policy at Weill Cornell Medical University, Druv Kollar, to answer some questions about the health concerns surrounding these artificial sweeteners.


Dr. Dhruv Kolar said that erythritol is one of the artificial sweeteners that many people use, and that this sweetener has gained its popularity because it is partially similar to sugar, and it does not contain any calories and does not affect the level of glucose in the blood.


added: "The new study showed that people with higher levels of erythritol in their blood had a much higher risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart problems."


Dr. Kollar attributed the reason for this to the fact that the compound activates the blood platelets, and therefore it causes a kind of clotting in the blood, which can cause all kinds of problems in the bloodstream.

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