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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Qatar: Review of Gulf engineering projects in the environment and sustainability

The 24th Gulf Engineering Forum will be accompanied by an engineering exhibition specialized in the environment and sustainability, in which 20 participants from governmental and semi-governmental agencies and the private sector from Qatar and the Gulf countries will participate, in addition to distinguished contributions from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait, in order to present the most prominent ideas, projects and engineering services in the field of the environment. and sustainability. Al Sharq met with a number of participating entities, who reviewed their most prominent engineering projects and services, whether they are under implementation or under study and experiment.

Which promotes the preservation of the environment and achieves sustainability. Kahramaa is participating in the exhibition to highlight some of its projects that promote sustainability, especially the smart meter project, which won the Gulf Engineering Union’s Creativity Award, as 60% of them have been installed in the country. Storage of 30 million gallons, in addition to the major reservoirs project, which includes 15 huge reservoirs in 5 locations in Umm Baraka (two reservoirs), Umm Salal (4 reservoirs), Rawdat Rashid (4 reservoirs), Umm Nakhla (two reservoirs), and Al Thumama (3 reservoirs). The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” has a special pavilion through which it displays its efforts in implementing the Qatar Vision 2030 regarding preserving the environment, as it currently uses 20% of recycled materials in Ashghal’s projects, and through a special laboratory it conducts research on construction waste and asphalt waste, where It is currently using 15% of the asphalt residue, and the laboratory is currently working to increase the percentage to 40-50%. Old tires are also used in asphalt mixtures.



Modern aircraft and equipment for geographical imaging of the country The GIS Center pavilion, participating in the exhibition, displayed one of the aerial / ground imaging systems used in the State of Qatar, to update data from satellite images and images taken by conventional aviation and field surveys, in order to update information systems databases Digital geography of all kinds, and making it available to ministries and government institutions through the national network of geographic information systems. Mr. Khaled Ahmed Al-Nahri – a geologist at the center – said that the center’s capabilities in aerial photography are divided into two parts: the traditional aircraft, which cover the entire aerial photography of the State of Qatar on an annual basis, with the highest accuracy of 5 cm / pixel, and the second part is the use of drones, which it owns The center, including 6 aircraft with special specifications, takes three-dimensional images of the country at a height of up to 500 meters, and scans 5 square kilometers per flight.

He pointed out that there are planes that were used in photographing the facilities and stadiums of the World Cup, to follow up the completion of the work first, as the center serves all government agencies. As for the ground survey, the center owns a mobile ground survey device, which scans all elements of the road over a length of 50 meters. , clarifying all the features of the road, providing 360-degree images, and geographic and topographic cloud data. The survey system consists of a two-engine piloted aircraft specialized in aerial photography and remote sensing, along with all the equipment that is installed in the aircraft and related to aerial survey work, including cameras and computers for aerial surveys, in addition to providing specialized operators for the aforementioned devices and the rest of the technical cadres specialized in this field. The Geographic Information Systems Center provides basic geographic maps and digital topographic databases, and establishes and maintains geodetic networks and related services.


Mini-factories for the recycling and use of plastic Hamad Al-Saadi, Head of Activities and Events at the Qatar Scientific Club, explained that the club is participating in the exhibition by presenting two projects, one of which is manufacturing technology and mini-factories for the recycling and use of plastic, and the second project is a device for purifying and respirating air, as the PAPR device won third place in the award The Patent Office of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the gold medal with honors at the thirteenth International Exhibition of Inventions in the Middle East, which was held recently in Kuwait. The Qatar Science Club, out of its societal responsibility and its keenness on ways that contribute to reducing environmental risks represented in plastic waste and others, seeks to spread the culture of optimal utilization of various resources in various ways, whether reuse, waste reduction or lifestyle change to be an environmentally healthy lifestyle. sound, as the science club is taking steady steps in an ambitious environmental plan, which is zero papers in the science club, as it depends entirely on programs, correspondence and electronic applications.



Ready-made walls of “foam” as an alternative to bricks. The local “Green Wall” factory provided light walls made of “foam” material and reinforced with steel, to be an alternative to the traditional bricks used in construction, as these walls are characterized by their ease of installation, and other environmental and economic advantages. Engineer Amr Ismail – from the Green Wall Company – confirmed that these innovative barriers are made of polystyrene material, sandwiched between two layers of galvanized steel wire mesh, and each layer is covered with a white wire of concrete cement, pointing out that this system is one of the most modern building systems known. Globally, it relies on the use of panels with different designs and thicknesses.

He pointed out that this system is characterized by light weight and loads on the foundations of buildings, high-solid walls, complete insulation of heat, moisture and sound, and does not cause any cracks or erosion in the building, and is also resistant to fire and ignition, and saves 50% of the construction time, adding that the company has implemented many Projects with this system are in Lusail Road, Our City, and a number of residential towers in The Pearl and Lusail.



A project to improve the quality of diesel engines The Mechanical Equipment Department reviewed its efforts to preserve the environment and achieve sustainability through its pavilion at the exhibition accompanying the Gulf Engineering Forum. Engineer Marzouq Al-Kuwari, Head of the Light Equipment Unit at the Mechanical Equipment Department, said that the department has reached a solution through which used materials and equipment can be recycled, as the department succeeded in recycling used oils, tires and batteries in cooperation with companies specialized in recycling, in order to preserve the environment. Qatar, and achieving the Qatar Vision 2030, which among its pillars is environmental development. Al-Kuwari added that he worked on another project represented in improving diesel engines, by selecting the highest standards and specifications for engines, in order to preserve public health. He noted that the Mechanical Equipment Department sets technical specifications for vehicles, equipment and machinery of ministries and other government agencies, in coordination with the competent authorities, and provides technical advice. Provision and purchase of land and sea means of transport, machinery and equipment, their maintenance, development of replacement programs, and securing the necessary needs of spare parts and maintenance tools for government vehicles. As well as writing off government vehicles and equipment, and disposing of them, in accordance with the applicable regulations, and renting vehicles and machinery needed by the Ministry, as well as supervising the proper operation of vehicles in the various administrative units of the Ministry.

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