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Discover the best story in Icelandic history – “I was in the bath when I noticed the sausage”

Reports have been received from Twitter that the best news in Iceland’s history has been uncovered. A Twitter user shares the news published in Press on May 28, 1992 and says that there is the best news ever published in the country. Not since a reporter agreed.

don’t ask me what i googled to find this but the best short story in Iceland’s history has been found

— gamitra (@gamitra_marga) March 9, 2023

The story is about Grím Pálsson, a middle-aged man who had a strange life experience in a bath.

“A middle-aged man in Breiðholt had a sausage in the bathtub.

“I was in the bath when I noticed the sausage. At first I was really shocked because I didn’t know what it was. I even thought it came out of me from a one way or another. Then I was relieved when I saw it was a sausage, but I was shocked again because I didn’t understand what it was doing there,” said Grímur Pálsson, a middle-aged man who had the unpleasant experience of getting a sausage in his bathtub.

According to information from Hitaveita Reykjavíkur, the sausage will be in the hot water tank for some time. When the water was put on the pipes of Nesjavellir, they forgot to empty the coffee installations of those who laid them, but they had installed such installations in one of the pumping stations. In a press release sent by Hitaveitan, it is said that there are, among other things, coffee cups, sugar bowls, three liters of milk and various other things that belong to the maintenance of the cafeteria in the pipes.

The announcement also states:

“Next, an abandoned coffee pot with the inscription ‘Dear Dad’ was lost, and the researcher is asked to return it to Kári Davíðsson, Furugrund 15.”

Arguably others have agreed that here is the best news in Iceland’s history on the go. During the day, it also happened that to find the news, the initial tweeter typed “”sausage” back” on google. Examples of what netizens had to say:

“I’m dying. He was shocked TWICE”

“Good news at last”

“I hate when that happens”

Yet another pointed out that there is more good news that can be found on tí

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