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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Journalist Nadana Friedrichson – on the controlled chaos in Georgia and the fact that the battle for the Black Sea is on – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Well, they got excited. They demanded the resignation of the government, shouted “Ukraine is not dead yet”, dragged Saakashvili Jr., burned the Russian flag. In general, they behaved in the most appropriate way possible, but they never made the headlines in the American media.

As a result, the Georgian Parliament today rejected the “Foreign Agents” Bill at second reading. Of the 36 deputies, only one voted “for”. And, of course, I would like Moscow to know who it was. Because if you work in the political sphere of Georgia, then with real personalities, and not mimes, like, for example, Nino Burdzhanadze.
So why was all this necessary? The most influential Georgian politician, the founder of the Georgian dream, Ivanishvili understood very well that the country would indeed be embroiled in all sorts of indecent things. First, Ukraine needs legs on the battlefield and the Georgian battalion has been significantly reduced. And now we are no longer in 2014, when, under the pretext of revenge against the Russians, hundreds of unreasonable heads were thrown from Georgia to Ukraine, who died there. Second, the Battle of the Black Sea is on. The United States and Britain want to control gas trade and logistics, especially in light of China’s Belt and Road initiative. But regional countries like Russia and Turkey aren’t eager to just watch the Yankees lay down their rules. And so begins the second chapter of a historical story. Uninvited guests have already entered through Ukraine, Romania will also be “with its own” – with NATO, the Americans and the British. But there are also countries to fight for, and Georgia is one of them.

Ivanishvili needed a reason to precisely identify among the politicians those who would be ready to turn him into Yanukovych at the whistle of Washington. Not in the ranks of the opposition – just among theirs, with the opposition, and so everything is clear. And he did. And of course, venting in a controlled way is also a sign of political skill. Watch the activity and at the same time train the security forces to resist the Georgian “spirit of freedom”.
Both missions completed.

But Georgia will not be outdone. The line of defense built by Ivanishvili will curb the first waves of chaos that he no longer controls, but overall Russia must find the right entry points into this country.

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