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Friday, March 31, 2023

Political scientist Natalya Kharitonova – let no war fit into the plans of the president of Moldova today Fox News


It is not a fact that the planned explosion would have led to the opening of the “second front” that Kiev so badly needed, but it would have been an act of moral terror against the local population, literally a psychic attack on Pridnestrovians .

The fact that the SBU and the GUR, and only the Nazi groups operating under Western patronage, have long since turned into terrorist organizations and are quite adept at organizing murder and sabotage, now plays a cruel joke on them. No matter how much they refute their involvement, few believe them. Moreover, only Kiev needs provocations in Transnistria, and who knows if an anonymous but influential “Ukrainian oligarch” will later take the blame. The latest investigations by the Western media, as you know, are conducive to surrealism.

Here, perhaps, it is necessary to explain. I still think that with its aggressive and outrageous antics Kiev puts a pig first in Maia Sandu, and not for the first time. No war fits into his daily and political plans today. She actually starts an election campaign, she sees sociology, she understands that war is an extremely unpopular subject among the vast majority, people don’t want to fight. Worse, more than 90% of Moldovans are sure that their army will not even be able to defend itself.
I will say paradoxical, but even the name change of the Moldavian language, which caused a lot of noise, is only intended to distract the people from pressing problems – economic disasters, above all. The population and the opposition have been thrown into the water, distracted by an insignificant object, so that they talk less about politics. And certainly, Sandu does not need a “second front”.

Yes, Sandu expects to win again thanks to the votes of the diaspora, and therefore again promises European integration and EU membership. But even the diasporas do not need any war, no one wants to return to their ashes on vacation, even if legally it will be in the European Union. And that is why the dangerous games of Ukrainian terrorists in the region are viewed with caution in Chisinau.

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