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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Said Tiger Woods owes her more than four billion after locking her out

The ex-boyfriend of floor legend Tiger Woods estimates that Tiger owes him around 4.3 billion.

Erica Herman and Tiger Woods started bumping noses in 2017. It seems that at that time, the golfer had Erica sign a non-disclosure agreement, or so-called NDA.

Erica Herman has asked the courts to void that agreement, citing a provision that says such agreements can be voided to protect victims of sexual assault.

People now have documents filed in court after Tigers and Erica broke up in October. In it, Erica claims she made a verbal agreement with the golfer that she could live in his house for five years. Tiger’s lawyers stressed that this agreement only applied during their relationship.

This is the house where Tiger Woods lives with his two children.

Erica claims she was forced to move out after Tiger fired her in October.

“Ms. Herman has responded to the termination by filing this policy,” the attorneys said. Erica claims she owes 4.3 billion because the verbal agreement was broken and she was locked out of her home. Her belongings were removed from the premises and she was told she was not welcome there.

Woods’ attorneys pointed out that under the aforementioned NDA, Erica agreed to resolve any disputes with Tiger through confidential mediation. By suing a trust run by Tiger Woods, the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, rather than the golfer himself, Erica is intentionally trying to keep the case in the public eye.

Tiger Woods is asking for a mediator to take over the case and he hopes it will be made clear that there was no verbal agreement and that he is not liable for any damages to him.

The fund’s attorneys also submitted a request to postpone proceedings in the case until the mediation request has been resolved.

As mentioned earlier, Erica argued that the NDA is invalid, citing a statutory provision that protects victims of sexual assault. However, she has made no such accusations against Tiger Woods, but says in the aforementioned documents that she does not know what information about her own life she might decide to discuss and with whom.

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