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Monday, March 27, 2023

Thousands of people on the waiting list to enter the most disgusting place on earth: ten hours of pure horror, torture and terror

A lot of people like to be a little scared. Watch a horror movie or visit a haunted house. Get a little chill up your spine and laugh about it later.

But do people want to go as far as possible to experience the horror?

Then there is only one place that can be considered: McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, USA.


Many people say that McKamey Manor is the most disgusting place in the world.

It’s hard to define the place, it’s not a museum and certainly not a theme park, but offers eight to ten hours of pure horror, torture and terror.

McKamey Manor was founded 30 years ago by Russ McKamey, who served in the United States Navy for 23 years, performed in amateur theater and occasionally sang at weddings.

McKamey is said, by those who know him, to be extremely eccentric and a special person with a huge interest in horror of all kinds.

Nails and teeth are pulled out of people

Those who dare venture into McKamey Manor can expect to be brutally beaten, water tortured, bound and gagged, forced to eat and drink all sorts of abominations.

They can even expect to be given hallucinogenic drugs and have their teeth and nails pulled.

However, some say psychological torture is the worst.

One woman said nails had been driven into her cheeks and another visitor said she had been buried with only a breathing tube. Others say they were forced to eat mud and when they vomited it they were forced to eat their own vomit.

Still others claim to have been locked in coffins filled with insects.

Average time eight minutes

Their average time spent visiting McKamey Manor is eight minutes before they ask to leave. Everyone receives a safe word that ensures the ride is stopped immediately.

Those who complete the eight to ten hours are promised $20,000 in prize money.

But in the three decades the building has operated, not a single person has completed the journey.

A number of people had to seek medical attention, both for physical and psychological trauma during those eight minutes, such is the horror.

However, 27,000 people are on the waiting list.

Which is a lie, but it seems to inspire an incredible number of people to be the first to have this scary life experience.

The place is like a magnet for horror lovers and the waiting list gets longer every year.

McKamey doesn’t charge admission, he only asks for one bag of dog food, but he has five dogs.

But that’s not for everyone to know.

Strict conditions

Applicants must be 21 years of age or 18 if parents or guardians permit, and present a certificate from a licensed healthcare provider that they are in good physical and mental health.

They must pass a psychological test and a drug test, and if they fail a profanity test, they are immediately fired.

McKamey reviews each candidate’s social media and does not consider that person if removed from the waitlist.

Applicants must also sign a contract of at least 40 pages stating, among other things, that guests are at their own risk and that McKamey Manor is not responsible for anything that may happen during the trip.

It doesn’t matter what trauma or physical and mental illnesses there may be.

Everything on YouTube

McKamey records each guest’s journey and publishes it on YouTube. If the person complains about what happened, they are simply advised to go to YouTube, where you can see that the tour was immediately stopped when the guest requested it.

There are a lot of people who want to go to McKamey Mannor, but even more people who want to see the back of the house of horrors.

There are rumors that many McKamey staff members have criminal records for violent crimes and more or less all of them are under the influence of drugs.

A document accompanying a petition signed by 170,000 people to try to shut down McKamey Manor states that the place is by no means the haunted house McKamey prefers to call it.

It’s a place where porn torture is performed to satisfy McKamey’s morbid desire to cause pain.

A haunted house on the most extreme side

But Russ McKamey says so from time to time, and the stories of torture inside the house are exaggerated. Everyone is welcome to go to YouTube and see what the house experience is all about.

He says McKamey Manor is definitely a haunted house, just in the extreme.

And the contract, background check, medical certificates and records ensure McKamey Manor’s operations are perfectly legal.

If adults, healthy people, who have been given all the information about what to expect, sign?

Then it’s at your own risk.

The waiting list is growing, Russ McKamey said in a recent interview. “But in the fight with McKamey Manor, it’s never about who has the upper hand.” And they’re not the guests.”

The McKamey Manor recordings are easy to find online, but sensitive people are advised not to search for them. In fact, everyone should do without it, such is the disgust.

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