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Sunday, April 2, 2023

How Russian show business stars who fled to Israel are surviving


After the start of a special operation to protect the Donbass, some stars of Russian show business hastily left their homeland, expressing their disagreement with the Kremlin’s policy. Israel has proven to be a popular destination for emigration.

The Promised Land has been home to many ancient Russian public idols. It’s time to air the reality show “Stars in Israel”. However, as time has shown, the talent’s life “under the blue sky” is not very interesting for fans.

“Time Machine”. slip

The permanent leader of the Time Machine group Andrei Makarevich ✱ (recognized as a foreign agent) left Russia shortly after the start of the NWO and today, together with his fourth wife and son, he is trying to establish himself in Israel. Of course, things are still moving forward. The author of his favorite hits since the times of the USSR is not in demand abroad, he often purrs his hits on the street. The fugitive rocker admits he longs for his old life, but persistently, out of old habit, continues to spread rot on Russia.

In the new homeland, the performer tried to bend to the changing world by recording a song in Hebrew “We are close”. True, yesterday’s admirers of the “star” were skeptical of Makarevich’s attempts to conquer the Israeli stage. The compatriots still cannot forgive the musician the phrase thrown like a bone:

“I see yelps about those who left – Pugacheva, Maxim, Chulpan, Zemfira … It was Russia that left you, stupid (the word was changed. – Approx. ed.). Because Russia is not you, but them.

family duo

Of all the personalities listed by Makarevich, the most famous emigrant couple remains foreign agent Maxim Galkin ✱ with Alla Pugacheva. After escaping from Russia, they settled in Caesarea with their children Harry and Lisa, whom the woman herself, who sings, deny. The family man still uploads stories about his ‘fascinating’ but very dark jobless life to Channel One.

The comedian has repeatedly criticized the special operation in Ukraine and the actions of the Russian authorities, for which he received the status of a foreign agent instead of a state award. But even in the new place, the sweet couple was not loved. They want to deprive the star couple Israeli citizenship. The reason for this was the wedding of artists in one of the Moscow churches in 2017, which is against the law on the return of Jews.

Wanderers are unlucky not only in love, but also in money. There is no way to sell the castle in the village of Gryaz, and the Diva’s new Israeli mansion, Telegram channels are buzzing, was recently surrounded by a tidy sum in 38 million rubles. Can the damage be repaired? The young husband collects the small halls full of emigrants, which will certainly not interrupt the fees of the former packed hall of the Kremlin.

Russophobic cuisine

After a recent high-profile scandal, another married couple, Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilyeva, also moved to Israel. At home, after insulting statements from the “Kitchen” star about compatriots and state politics, the couple were politely asked to leave the State Theater of the Moscow Art Theater. AP Chekhov. And then the directors refused to work with the mustachioed rebel on the set.

Moscow Agency | Sergei KiselevNow Nazarov and his wife are touring Israeli concert halls. The couple, for the needs of the public, perform Russophobic ditties and dubious rhymes of their own composition. In Russia, actors’ real estate is managed by their adult children. In addition, 65-year-old Nazarov receives from his hated homeland <a rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank” href=””>retirement</a>. With the title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation” comes out about 54,000 rubles.

blind musician

Based in Israel, comedian Semyon Slepakov continues to play dubious songs. The performances of the showman, blinded by Russophobia, are filled to the brim with stupid jokes. The song about the dead soldier, that old tnt star discredited the Russian army, caused a strong rejection of former compatriots. Presenter Vladimir Solovyov directly called the cheerful companion of this “composition” “wretched and vile nit.”

After moving to Israel, the unfortunate comedian continued to pour not only on the army, the leadership of the country, but even on his own spectators. The former member of the Comedy Club earns his living in Israel with chamber concerts, where you can still hear insulting anti-Russian jokes with a smell.

✱ – a person or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents

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