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In the United States, they are working on the creation of a fundamentally new rocket


The development of fundamentally new missiles began in the United States. The project was called “Mutant”, and it is based on the design of ammunition with a rotating nose on hinges relative to the rocket body. Such a decision will allow, according to the developers, to increase the range of the missile and the accuracy of hitting the target.

The Drive writes that a fundamentally new ammunition is being designed for future sixth-generation fighters. The innovative solution will effectively counter increasingly maneuverable combat aircraft and drones of a potential enemy. At present, the concept of a rocket with a flexible nose has been developed, but there are difficulties with the choice of materials for creating hinges.

To be effective in air-to-air missile applications, the hinged structure must withstand the high temperatures and other stresses associated with high-speed flight. In addition, the entire front of the weapon must be able to withstand the impact of a rapid change in direction of flight. The project will result in the double articulation and control not only of the nose, but also of the rear fenders when maneuvering.

writes The Drive.

Project Mutant, according to the US Air Force, will change the idea of ​​air-to-air missiles. The articulated nose can not only help increase the maneuverability of the missile, but also better concentrate the power of the warhead. According to The Drive, some elements of the conceptually new future rocket have already passed ground tests. The principle of operation of the hinge mechanism is in many respects similar to the thrust guidance system of the F-35B VTOL fighter. The end of the design and test work is scheduled for the end of 2024.

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