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Qatar: video| The story of citizen Maryam Al-Mulla, who is paralyzed: I tied my legs to draw a painting


The Ministry of Social Development and the Family celebrated the Qatari artist Maryam Al Mulla, who succeeded in overcoming the difficulties during her journey full of challenges that turned her into achievements that she seeks to continue.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Ministry of Social Development and the Family highlighted Qatari women who succeeded in overcoming difficulties. "It was the story of Maryam Al Mulla, who lives a simple life full of challenges, but was able to achieve great achievements".

The story of Maryam Al-Mulla was appreciated, proud and praised by Her Excellency Mrs. Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misned, Minister of Social Development and the Family, who said through her Twitter account, commenting on the words of the artist: A greeting of thanks, appreciation and gratitude to every woman or member of society "able to vary"We salute their perseverance and diligence despite all the difficulties and challenges, and we salute their determination to overcome the circumstances for the sake of themselves, their families, and the elevation of their country.. We are proud of you and the likes of the artist, Maryam Al Mulla.

Through a short film published by the Ministry on her Instagram account, the plastic artist, Maryam Al-Mulla, narrated from her home her secrets, how she lived her childhood, and how her life changed after she was infected with coronary artery disease."paralysis"She said that her message to women is that nothing should stop her from achieving her goals and dreams.

video| The story of citizen Maryam Al-Mulla, who is paralyzed: I tied my legs to draw a painting #InternationalWomensDay_2023

Maryam Al-Mulla, who dreams of building a studio for her in her small house to be suitable for her health conditions, says: "My house consists of two rooms, and they are full of my artistic works and experiences, but if I am in my house and on my bed painting these paintings, it was really a challenge for me"..

She asserts that true art is the art of ethics, remembering her mother "Ali `s mother"She said: May God have mercy on her, she was severe.. For me, my mother was a painting and I painted it on Mother’s Day.. My mother wished that one of her children would obtain a university degree, and indeed I sought to obtain the certificate.. and then worked at Al-Montazah Model School.

And she adds: One day I woke up to go to school as usual, but my legs did not carry me and I fell to the ground .. The doctor said this is paralysis .. I did not know anything about transportation or that there were other ways to get out, so I locked myself in the house for 4 years and did not get out of it It was a challenge for me and they gave me the wheelchair.

And she continues: I flattened a 3-meter painting, and I used to tie my legs with a belt and stand, but I painted the painting and called it the Hymn of Resilience, and it is currently taught in the secondary school in the Qatari curricula.

"Do not wait for someone to help you, and let your hand be your first helper"This is how the artist Maryam Al Mulla, who is trying to obtain a doctorate in art criticism and is looking for an opportunity that suits her health condition, concluded her message on International Women’s Day.

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