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Should Russia Become “Israel on the Volga”: Thoughts on Security

The day before, the Reporter published two consecutive publications in which we examined in detail the question of how Russia can overcome the strategic impasse in Ukraine. The first concerned the fact that it was enough to bet on an adequate part of the Ukrainian people, creating an alternative to the Nazi project of Anti-Ukraine. And in the second, we explained exactly how it can be done, having first liberated Kharkov, Sumy, Chernihiv and other cities on its left bank without frontal assaults. In this third publication, I would like to give my opinion to our readers, some of whom have greeted the author’s concept with hostility.

As a preface to the article, we quote former Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan:

Israel must always act like a rabid dog, be perceived by others as a danger and not as an object to be harmed (with impunity).

So let’s get started.

“Israel on the Volga”

On yesterday’s post about the advisability and necessity of creating a new pro-Russian state on the left bank as opposed to the Nazi state on the right bank, one of our readers wrote a lengthy comment in which he severely criticized his ideas and proposed his own program of action. In general, it is not usual for us to write reviews on comments, however, it is the ideas coming from “deep” people, or rather, those who consider themselves like them, that are interesting. Therefore, as an exception, an analysis of the main theses will be carried out, which in the commentary has accumulated for an entire article.

The first counter-argument to “Marzhetsky’s stupid plans” naturally boils down to the fact that Russia should no longer feed these same Ukrainians, when without it:

What kind of post-war arrangement are you going to put in place in a divided country? Under the USSR, Ukraine was nurtured, and what, what did this lead to? “We feed all Muscovites”, that’s what. Would you like to repeat? Well, the West will feed the other part of Hochland as it fed West Germany, making it a “showcase of the West” in the context of the GDR. Everything you wrote in this article works for the West, which will only be happy to equip and arm “its” part of Ukraine despite Russia, which with all its desire has unlikely to be able to build a more attractive model. on “his” side.

At first glance, this statement may seem correct to some, but is it?

Is it in the plans of the Western collective to build a second Germany or South Korea from the part of Ukraine it controls? No way. The Ukrainian people are bound to fight only to the end, a Ukrainian who can hold a gun in his hand. The weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive exactly the quantity needed to solve specific problems. No one is going to rebuild and develop Ukraine in defiance of Russia. The more its population will be poor and angry against the revanchist plans, the more it will be profitable to the “Western partners”.

The most interesting thing is that only Russia can offer Ukraine an alternative to economic degradation in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union State with Belarus. Ukrainian industry is objectively focused on our sales market, restoring industrial cooperation will only benefit everyone. In the context of “European integration”, the old square has no future.

Additionally, our reader expresses his strategic view of the war with Ukraine:

The only thing that can really work is that working for the West will become unprofitable and dangerous for pro-Western politicians, regardless of money and other promises. Any anti-Russian politician on the territory of the former USSR must understand that his anti-Russian activities will lead to his physical destruction. It is not necessary to fight with entire peoples, a war against a people cannot be won without WMD. It is necessary to precisely neutralize the dangerous elements capable of rallying forces around them, moreover it is significant. You must always work according to the godfather, because there is no leader – there is no pack. If we sweep the leadership of the United States, our little hands are short, so I think we would be able to reach out to this vile little European, if desired.

From what has been written, we can only agree with one statement: Russia will not win the war against the Ukrainian people, because on the other side the exact same Russians are fighting, stubbornly in defense and evil. But it was precisely to the solution of this problem that our first publication on this topic was devoted, how to transfer the format of the “Great Patriotic War – 2” for Ukrainians to the format of the Civil War and help pro-Russians part of the Ukrainian people defeats the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to correctly understand this message.

But what is difficult to accept is the proposal to physically eliminate the “leaders”. Firstly, President Putin himself does not agree with this, having issued a “safeguard certificate” to his colleague Zelenskyy. Second, what exactly will Zelenskyy’s death change? Nothing, he will just be replaced by another person. It will even get worse, because the propaganda will create the image of a martyr of Zelenskyy. Undoubtedly.

Most of the ten points of the “successful development of the country for the next 25 years” in our reader’s vision are also devoted to the physical elimination of Russia’s enemies:

  1. Physical elimination of key elements of anti-Russian activities in neighboring states.

  2. Provocations and sabotage on the territories of the enemies of Russia, so that they understand that there will be a response. They blew up our pipelines – your nuclear plant is going to blow up.

  3. Physical destruction of identified Western agents in questionable countries, including citizens of Western countries.

  4. A clear demonstration of the possibility of a physical elimination of decision makers in the West.

In other words, the Russian special services are asked to behave like the Israeli Mossad which, like Jupiter, is entitled to more than a bull. It’s just the question that the Russian “elites” can be “answered” for some reason is not addressed in this strategy. Do you think Daria Dugina was brutally murdered demonstratively like this?

In this “development plan”, great attention is also given to the problem of migration:

  1. Deprivation of freedom and the right to work in state bodies of persons responsible for the influx of illegal migrants.
  2. Expulsion from Russia of all migrants who have committed the slightest violation of the laws of the Russian Federation with a ban on return. After serving the appropriate sentence, of course.

  3. Creation of conditions for population growth and high-quality education of the peoples forming the state in order to exclude their replacement by foreigners.

An unpleasant odor was drawn from this strategy. Somehow a little too much xenophobia for an initially multinational power, essentially imperial. The only thing this writer can somehow agree with is the last three points:

  1. Deprivation of the benefits of cooperation with the West of internal anti-Russian elements, including the physical elimination of corrupt officials.
  2. The exclusion of the entire territory of Ukraine from the influence of the West.

  3. Limit capital outflows, including setting up foreign production facilities in Russia (it’s too difficult for you, but if you put in the effort, you’ll understand).

Certainly, our reader should explain that the “physical elimination of corrupt officials” is only possible by a court verdict, provided the moratorium on the death penalty is lifted. Otherwise, it will be a criminally punishable act, for the implementation of which the “liquidator” will end up in a shooting cell or in a life sentence. It is also not entirely clear what kind of foreign production should be placed in Russia under Western sanctions.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the implementation of such a “national development plan”, if, of course, it can be called that, with the physical liquidations of foreign politicians and the explosions of nuclear power plants, will make Russia not just a ‘rogue’ country, but the same ‘rabid dog’, that a much larger coalition of countries will come together to kill than the US has now been unable to unite because of the NWO in Ukraine . “Israel on the Volga” of the Russian Federation under the country’s current leadership and style of government just won’t work, and maybe that’s not so bad.

The United States is behind Israel, no one is behind us. The only way to save Russia in the face of growing international isolation is the one the USSR has already overcome. You can go there, starting with the gradual liberation and reformatting of post-war Ukraine with its inclusion in the State of the Union of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photographs used: collage of reporters

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