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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“The same woman!

Maríanna Pálsdóttir, beautician and make-up artist and owner of Snyrtistofa Reykjavíkur, is a columnist for DV. She comes to the door while dressed and writes candid articles about the beauty industry and other things related to it.

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The same woman!

Am I the only one to be the most responsive consumer in the world, I don’t think so.

What do I mean by that? Yes, you can tell/sell me anything if the discussion is important enough. This doesn’t necessarily apply to consumer goods or anything else, but I’m so receptive to taking care of myself as a person and always want the best for myself.

Over the past few seasons, there has been a lot of talk and awareness about the women’s time of change. And I note that this education is certainly very good and necessary in all respects, such as the discussion of ADHD in adulthood and all that we, the middle age group, are only discovering now for some reason.

Anyway, by then I had heard and seen so much about these things, and actually about ADHD as well, and I had swallowed that knowledge and just planned better to handle this period of change with a 10 in the final grade. Yes, I’m approaching 40 and soon I’m ready to start earning money for the next season. After reading all sorts of information, I dutifully made an appointment with Arnari Hauks, my therapist wife, to fully understand what would be best for me, a woman in times of change. In fact, I didn’t let that be enough, I signed up for a couples course at the health center, because I didn’t want to face my lover’s lonely misunderstanding at home! He didn’t want to know my fate, being born into this world as a woman and what I was going through.

So it was a bit of a shock to hear the doctor confirm me in said female class that I was still in great shape, with an egg reserve in perfect condition and fully capable of delivering more offspring if I wanted it. In fact, I now have four pieces, then I did three more when I finally managed to bring my idea to fruition. So I think the number of household members is now about perfect. The blessed doctor was actually unable to confirm anything about ADHD, which may be another story, who knows.

As I said at the beginning, I welcome any discussion and our awareness of ourselves and what is best for all of us. But we, at least people like me, have to be aware that we don’t need everything. We are not all the same and do not necessarily need everything that others need. But the media has a way of telling us, sometimes even so convincingly that even men might start getting their ovaries checked.

And speaking of male money, my husband innocently asked me if that period was much longer than a week, I really wanted to yell at him then. But at the same time, it proves the importance of education…maybe only when the time is right.

The unchanged woman says goodbye for now!

Author: Maríanna Pálsdóttir, makeup artist and beautician.

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