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A couple celebrates 50 years of marriage and reveals the secret of their happy life 

In 2022, the Russian couple, Nadezhda and Valery, celebrated the golden jubilee of their marriage and their happy life together for 50 years.

The couple indicated that they studied at the same school, and at first they were classmates and their relationship developed into mutual love, and since their marriage until now, they have practically never separated.


The couple had three children and six grandchildren, and admitted that the secret of their happiness was not to offend each other for such a long period.


Dr. Alexander Myastikov said that the partner can never be detained by force, and in general happy marital relations depend on the level of mutual respect between the spouses, according to the website. "Russia Today".


According to psychologists, the secrets of a happy marital relationship lie in the spouses going to sleep together, always embracing, and expressing their feelings, whether face to face or exchanging short love letters, and according to a comprehensive study published by the American Journal of Family Relations, couples who follow this pattern rarely quarrel compared to those who do not. They do.

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