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For citizens, expatriates, and establishments.. Learn about the services of the Ministry of Labor complaints and communications platform


The Qatar e-Government Portal website clarified the most prominent services available electronically through the unified platform for complaints and communications of the Ministry of Labor.

The platform allows citizens, expatriates and establishments, to file a complaint against entities subject to the provisions of the Qatari Labor Law No. (14) of 2004 and the Domestic Workers Law promulgated by Law No. (15) of 2017 or entities whose work is organized by the Ministry of Labor.

Gate said "governmental" Through her Twitter account, this Sunday evening, the services available through the platform are: * Submitting an official complaint: – Complaint of establishment workers (Qatari/non-Qatari) against establishments – Complaint of domestic workers against employers. * Submit a general violation report: This option allows you to submit a violation report, not a complaint.

On its website, the Ministry of Labor clarifies the most prominent definitions, including:

Employer (establishment): Every natural or legal person who employs one or more workers in return for a wage.

Worker (establishment): Every natural person who works for a wage for an employer and under his management or supervision.

Employer (homes): the natural person for whom the employee works. – Employed (households): the natural person who performs household chores, under the employer’s management and supervision, in return for a wage, such as the driver, nanny, cook, gardener, and the like.

The most common questions, according to the Ministry of Labor website:

What services are available through the platform?

  • Through the platform, the user can file a complaint or report a violation, follow up on complaints, and also review his personal data as it is registered in the Ministry’s database, and he can also update contact information from a mobile number and e-mail.

What types of complaints are available for the user to file?

In the first version of the platform, the user will be able to apply for: – Complaint of establishment workers (Qatari / non-Qatari) against establishments – Domestic worker complaint against employers – Submit a violation report.

With regard to complaints of the type of employment of establishments against establishments, will they be inclusive of all workers, including employees of the semi-governmental sector and the private sector?

  • For this type of complaint, the platform will be available for submitting employment complaints against establishments subject to the Labor Law only.

What is the mechanism for accessing the platform and filing a complaint?

The user can access the platform through the following:

documentation "people" By entering the personal card number and the mobile number, the mobile number registered with the personal card number must be verified, and the system will send a special OTP code.

Is it possible to file a complaint using the visa number?

The worker can file a complaint through the work visa number, provided that the mobile phone number is registered on the same visa. Otherwise, the user will have to visit the nearest office of the Ministry to file a complaint.

Is it possible for the user to file a complaint in reference to the passport number through the platform?

It is not possible through the platform, the user must visit the nearest office of the Ministry to file a complaint.

What is whistleblowing?

It is the possibility of submitting a report of any explicit violation of the Labor Law, for example: labor gathering, inappropriate labor accommodation, explicit violations at the work site, etc. It is possible to submit a report without the need to disclose the identity of the informant/user.

Are there conditions for submitting swallows?

There are no conditions for filing a report. Citizens and expatriates can submit a report for an explicit violation of the Labor Law.

I would like to report a violation, but I do not have information about the employer/establishment name?

It is possible to either record a description of the address of the location of the violation, or specify the location on the map attached to the system.

I work with a work permit under the sponsorship of their relatives. Is it possible to file a complaint through the platform?

The user will have to visit the Ministry to file a complaint.

Is it possible through the platform to file a complaint against the former employer?

Yes, it is possible to file a complaint against the previous employer.

Is it permissible to include more than one claim in the complaint?

Yes, it is possible to specify more than one claim within one complaint

How will the department concerned with investigating and resolving the complaint be contacted?

The concerned department will investigate complaints and disputes, and after receiving the complaint, it will communicate with the complainant through text messages and e-mail.

Is it possible to amend the complaint data after submitting it?

It is not possible to amend the complaint data after it has been submitted.

Can the complaint be deleted?

The complainant can delete the complaint before submission while it is in the draft state, but after submission, the complainant cannot delete it.

A user who has a complaint under review and wants to file a second complaint, will the platform allow that?

The system does not allow the complainant to submit a new complaint and has a complaint under review for the same/same defendant.

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