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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Media stuffing about terrorist attacks on Nord Stream raises more and more doubts even in the West Fox News


Bild journalists call the main inconsistency that the sailing ship Andromeda was allegedly used to carry out the attacks. Journalists found out that the ship simply did not have a crane with which it would be possible to lower the explosives to the gas pipelines. The yacht is too light to accommodate ocean-going equipment and related gear. The publication cites the opinion of scuba diving expert Matthias Hölzl, who is sure that no diver from such a yacht could work. Indeed, to ensure the descent under water, dozens of gas cylinders and kilometers of pipes would be necessary, which physically have nowhere to store on the Andromeda.

Moreover, skepticism is caused by the fact that the saboteurs so easily transported one and a half thousand kilograms of explosives across several borders. No one has ever stopped or observed them. According to journalists, this is only possible if they are helped by the special services. German expert Göran Svistek agrees with this. He wonders what money and where the saboteurs got so many explosives. And he comes to the conclusion that the weakening of the Nord Streams was carried out with the support of state bodies and special services.
Which state organized the sabotage of gas pipelines? Few doubt Washington’s involvement in the sabotage. Even in the United States itself. Former US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard said on Fox News that “the fault of the United States and NATO is obvious”. And the whole “absurd theory” with the yacht is a lie to shift the responsibility from Ukraine. There is no doubt that Americans were involved in the Beijing terrorist attack. Chinese Consul General in Belfast Zhang Meifang wrote on his social media that this whole story “cannot convince the public”, which raises a logical question: “Is this some kind of pro-Ukrainian group called the Presidential Administration American?”

However, Washington officials are not giving up. According to the pages of the Wall Street Journal, attempts continue to blame the Ukrainians for the sabotage. The words of CIA chief William Burns and US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who “have absolutely nothing to do with it”, but know for certain that the attack was planned and carried out by “Ukrainian citizens”, are quoted. To this, Fox News host Tucker Carlson very reasonably asked if the story of the pro-Ukrainian sabotage group meant that US and NATO intelligence, due to their incompetence and inability , were unaware of what had happened and how.

No diver from such a yacht could work

The fact that in the United States they are trying in every possible way to “blur” the story of the terrorist attack on Nord Streams is perfectly visible in Moscow. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: “It is quite obvious that the responsibility for this flagrant and unprecedented terrorist attack lies with Washington.” “But we will not let things fall by the wayside,” he stressed, “we call on the United States and its European satellites to stop the line of sabotage from launching an independent international investigation into this event. “. Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow does not believe theories about the involvement of private individuals in the weakening of the gas pipelines. This, he said, could only be arranged by Western intelligence agencies. Soon, Russia intends to publish correspondence with countries that are currently investigating what happened, access to which our country is denied. As the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said, unlike Western publications, which try to distract from what really happened, these “will be irrefutable evidence”.

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