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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

V rebuffed fans who flirted with him

V of K-pop group BTS has finally made contact with fans. The artist decided to speak to the public on the eve of International Women’s Day. True, the idol did not last long. The show only lasted 13 minutes. It is suspected that the musician decided to cut it off due to the onslaught of fans.

Taehyung decided to chat with ARMY from his home. He appeared in front of the audience with tousled hair and in house attire. He broadcast from the gym. One of the onlookers rather boldly started communicating with Vee. She begins to write as if she had known the artist for a long time.

“What’s up baby?” she asked.

There was a pause. V was surprised, but still decided to ask, “Am I your baby?” “. After a while, another fan showed a lack of tact. She asked Taehyung to give her his T-shirt. V declined, adding that it was from a limited collection. V seems to have a whole book with different ways to dodge fangirls and their attempts at flirting. Let’s see how it was.

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