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Monday, March 27, 2023

A German statesman has implored for a diminution of immigration and an augmentation of the dispatch of conscientious objectors.

In Hesse alone, of around 17,800 people forced to leave the country, only around 1,000 have done so, said ministry chairman Boris Rein. The CDU politician calls on the Federal Government to pave the way for further deportations – and appeals to Chancellor Scholz.

Hessian Prime Minister Boris Rein (CDU) demanded that the federal government make much more of an effort to deport more rejected asylum seekers. Repatriation is the responsibility of federal states. “However, in practice our hands are tied,” Rein told t-online, “Hesse cannot negotiate with countries of origin that refuse to accept asylum seekers or complicate the process of their back. That’s the job of the federal government.”

Hesse has the second highest repatriation rate of all federal states, at 5.7%, Rein said. “But it also means that of the 17,800 people who were supposed to leave the earth last year, only around 1,000 actually left Hesse.” People who did not have the right to reside in Germany had to return to their homeland. “This state of affairs affects more than 304,000 people in Germany.”

“We need a real push against repatriation, as the Traffic Light Coalition itself has stated in its agreement,” Rein said. The coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP states: “Not everyone who comes to us can stay. We are launching an attack on repatriation in order to carry out departures more systematically, including the deportation of criminals and dangerous persons.

Rhine urged Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) to make refugee policy a “top priority”. “The Chancellor must finally speak to the Prime Ministers of the States. Municipalities need money and immigration restrictions, not summits and all new migration incentives. He pointed out that federal states need more financial support from the federal government for refugees housed in municipalities. “We have to face reality. The federal government obviously does not understand what is happening on the ground. Municipalities are at their limit.

The Landkreistag calls for an increase

Reinhard Sager, president of the German Association of Land Districts (Deutscher Landkreistag), called on the federal government and the states to provide urgently increased aid for the reception of refugees. “There is a need to explore the possibility of co-funding federal and state governments for shelter facilities that are primarily built for disaster relief or civil protection purposes,” Sager said in an interview with Redaktionsnetzwerk. Deutschland. “In the current situation, they could be used to house refugees.”

Consideration should also be given to establishing national arrival centers run by the federal government, he said. At the same time, the Länder will first have to develop their capacity to receive refugees and ensure that asylum seekers who have no prospect of residence are not redistributed at municipal level. “We also need help for the repatriation of those who are forced to leave the country. The offensive against repatriation announced in the coalition agreement must be launched immediately,” Zager stressed.

At a summit in February, the federal government, the Länder and the municipalities agreed to better coordinate their efforts to welcome refugees. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Feather (SPD) said at the time that negotiations would take place by Easter on possible additional financial assistance from the federal government to meet the targets. Elections to federal authorities are scheduled for October in Hesse. Minister Feather is the SPD’s leading candidate and therefore a candidate for Prime Minister.

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