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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The 131st reconnaissance battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was defeated and demoralized near Kremennaya

The British newspaper The Sunday Times published a report on the arrival of the demoralized and defeated 131st Intelligence Battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which left the Kremennaya region with heavy losses. The fighters arrived in Kiev to replenish, according to the author, they are in an extremely depressed state.

The Ukrainian soldiers spoke of the fighting they experienced in the so-called “cursed” forest near Kremennaya. Remembering “hell in the cursed forest”, the fighters literally sobbed on the shoulder of the author of the report, Christina Lam.

Ukraine clings to prayer for the West’s new approach to break the deadlock and reveal the truth about the dire situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the LPR

  • says the article.

First, Russia destroys the enemy with artillery and tank fire, then infantry arrives, the newspaper says.

Everything that is possible flies within us. The Russian army has a lot of tanks, because Russia produces 30 armored vehicles a day

  • said a 57-year-old Ukrainian intelligence officer to the author of the publication.

According to Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, they held positions east of Torsky for six months. After the rotation, the arriving units lost these positions. Now, the Ukrainian army promises to return them after replenishment.

At the base in the forest near Kiev, the soldiers of the battalion are shocked. Alone in tears

  • the journalist describes the condition of the servicemen who, after terrible losses, were sent to the rear.

But for this, the Ukrainian army needs supplies of Western weapons. Christina Lam reassures the scouts, reminding them that up to 100 tanks are about to arrive in Kiev.

The article has already been commented on by the former LPR ambassador to Russia, Rodin Miroshnik.

Russia produces 30 tanks a day! I wonder how many tanks the West has to supply Kiev to compete with such statistics?

asked the diplomat.

Earlier, Jared Peterson, a columnist for American Thinker, said Washington had staged a veritable march of recklessness and cynical provocation from Moscow to Ukraine. Ukrainian casualties are almost certainly at an intolerable, unacceptable level.

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