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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The German government has recently declared that the iconic Swiss confectionery, Toblerone, will be divested of its Swiss emblems. This decision has been taken in light of the fact that the product’s manufacturer, Mondelez International, has shifted the production of the chocolate bar to a factory in Germany. Consequently, the traditional Swiss insignia, which have been associated with the product since its inception, will no longer be featured on the packaging. This move has been met with a degree of consternation from consumers who have grown accustomed to the product’s Swiss identity.

No Matterhorn, no flag – the famous Toblerone chocolate will no longer be produced in Switzerland and, therefore, will lose two brands at once.

Since the chocolate will also be produced in Slovakia in the future, the packaging will have to do without two Swiss landmarks – the Matterhorn peak and the national flag, said brand owner Mondelez International from the United States.

Due to the strict laws in force in the Confederation, these Swiss symbols only apply to goods that are actually produced there.

small packages

The typical triangular shape dating back to the Matterhorn will be retained. Mondolez spokeswoman Livia Kolmitz explained, “The redesigned packaging features a modernized and streamlined mountain logo that matches the geometric, triangular aesthetic.”

Mondolez announced last summer that it would in future produce 35g and 50g Toblerones bars in Bratislava, as wages there are far below those in wealthy Switzerland. On the other hand, the 100 gram bars will continue to be produced in Bern.

Under the protection of the law

Developed 115 years ago by Theodor Tobler, the chocolate, honey and almond nougat has already been produced abroad, but this time a 2017 law came into force to protect the Swiss character of the product.

In the case of foodstuffs, this means that at least 80% of the raw materials must come from Switzerland, plus part of the production that gives the product its main characteristics must take place in the Confederation.

try to save

This isn’t the first time Mondolez has failed with a triangular chocolate bar. A few years ago, the company increased the spacing between the individual triangular pieces. This made the tile lighter, but the price remained the same. This “increasing the price by decreasing” caused outrage, particularly in the UK.

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