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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsA block of ice collapsed on the head of a 20-year-old Petersburger in Stolyarny Lane

A block of ice collapsed on the head of a 20-year-old Petersburger in Stolyarny Lane

News from NevskyAnother person was injured due to untimely clearing of snow from the roofs of the center of the northern capital – a huge piece of ice fell on the head of a 20-year-old girl. The incident happened at Stolyarny Lane.

The Petersburger was taken to the Mariinsky Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a contusion of the soft tissues of the head. After receiving medical attention, the patient was allowed to return home.

The alarming situation of city snow removal on the Neva has not changed since last year. The people of St. Petersburg regularly complain to the administration of Governor Alexander Beglov and ask to put order in the municipal sphere, but the officials limit themselves to only promises. Due to the authorities’ indifference, people have to take daily risks, moving on slippery roads and sidewalks. Huge icicles hanging from the roofs of houses are of particular concern.

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