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Saturday, March 25, 2023

A glance from Germany: a female bore a “petrifaction infant” in her uterus for nine years.

A stone child – a fetus dead in the womb and encapsulated with calcium, caused the death of a woman, the British edition of the Mirror reported. She died of malnutrition because the “lithopedion” blocked her intestines.

According to an article in the British edition of the Mirror, the woman arrived in the United States of America as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. When she arrived, she complained of stomach problems. Medical experts performed a scan, which showed that the patient had a fetus, the so-called “stone baby”.

She talked about “magic”

The dead fetus put pressure on the intestines, however, the patient refused doctors’ proposed operation to remove it, saying she couldn’t bring herself to do it, reports the Mirror. According to the woman, nine years ago, when the fetus died, doctors at the refugee camp where she was at that time presented her with various accusations. Including that she was guilty of “evil machinations”, took drugs and killed the fetus.

After this experience, the woman became very afraid of doctors and medical personnel, so that treatment was impossible for her. She also said she was “bewitched” in Tanzania, which is the reason for her current complaints.

The woman rejected doctors’ urgent advice to have surgery, saying she was not afraid of death. She died of malnutrition 14 months later.


“Stone child”, the medical term “lithopedion”, is very rare. This was first mentioned in the works of the Arab surgeon Abu-al-Kazim, who lived in the 11th century. And the first detailed description of this phenomenon dates back to 1582. Then the whole European scientific world was shocked by the statement of a French doctor that during the autopsy of the body of a 69-year-old woman, he found a petrified fetus that remained in its mother’s womb for 28 years. The “Stone Child” was carefully studied by leading scientists of the time. There are many descriptions and pictures of it.

In 2013, a stone child in his mid-40s was found in the body of an elderly man in Colombia, reports the Mirror.

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