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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A Korean intelligence officer faces the death penalty for searching for Kim Jong Un on Google

A North Korean intelligence officer has been caught using his Internet privileges to search for the country’s leader "Kim Jong Un" on Google’s website, where he faces the death penalty, according to a newspaper "The Daily Mail" British.


And the authorities arrested many officers of the North Korean intelligence service, which spies on all internal and external electronic communications, on charges of browsing the web without permission, as the authorities impose strict restrictions on access to the Internet to prevent its people from knowing the outside world, even intelligence officers need to request permission from their superiors to access the Internet.


A Pyongyang source said they were reported by a colleague of the officers at the Ministry of State Security, and investigations have been opened into their violation of restrictions on Internet searches in the country.


A source in the ministry told the newspaper" Daily NK"(based in South Korea), the authorities in North Korea have isolated the intelligence officers involved, while one of the officers who searched for news of Kim Jong Un faces the death penalty.


The source indicated that "The departments of the Intelligence Bureau were granted access to the Internet, and the Bureau’s officers were allowed to turn off the devices entrusted with recording their searches, and to search the Web without hindrance.".


However, a new director who assumed the presidency of the office decided to turn the previously ordinary violations into major crimes, and the perpetrators of them into offenders deserving of punishment.


It is stated that"Transitional Justice Working Group"Based in Seoul, two years ago it interviewed 683 North Korean defectors to help determine where people were killed and buried, in the north of the country, in state-sanctioned public executions, and documented 23 public executions during the reign of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, including 7 executions of people who watched or shared videos from South Korea.

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