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Friday, March 24, 2023

Falcons Skip North

The Umm Salal team achieved a very exciting and valuable victory at the expense of the Al Shamal team, 1-0, in the match postponed for the tenth week of the QNB Stars League. The match witnessed a marathon scenario and great excitement between the two teams, and the game continued until the 115th minute, and the Barzan Falcons waited until the minute 90 + 6 to score the very valuable winning goal, which came through the player Adel Alawi, who gifted three points of gold to Umm Salal in the race to stay in the Stars League, and with this result, Umm Salal became in eleventh place with 13 points, while Al Shamal became ninth with a score 14 points, one point ahead of Al Rayyan. The first half of the confrontation did not witness a high level of the two teams, and the play centered more in the middle of the field, but the second half was completely different and knew great excitement and wholesale opportunities, most of which were on the part of the northern players who completely dominated the game, and had many opportunities, most notably in the minute 58 By Amjad Atwan, who received a ball in the area, turned around and hit a strong left shot, but the right post deputized goalkeeper Khalifa Abu Bakr and denied Al Shamal the opening of the scoring.


And at a time when everyone was waiting for the end of the confrontation with a goalless draw, the Barzan Hawks succeeded in surprising the North defense and scored a golden goal in the sixth minute of the lost time after a beautiful work from Yassin Bakhit, who penetrated on the left side and distributed a ground ball towards Adel Alawi, who escaped. From control and hit it directly into the net of goalkeeper Abu Bakr Sik, giving his team three points that will be their weight in gold in the race to avoid relegation, as the Falcons raised their score to 13 points in tenth place equally with Al Rayyan and only one point behind Al Shamal, who entered the circle of teams threatened with relegation to Second class because of this loss. 15 minutes of extra time The confrontation between Umm Salal and Al Shamal witnessed an exciting and completely unexpected end, after the match referee, Ali Al Shammari, added 15 full minutes of extra time, as the game continued until the 105th minute, when the Barzan Falcons succeeded in scoring the only goal in the match at the 90th minute. +6 Adel Alawi crossed, as well as the referee showing the red card in the face of Al Shamal player Jaber Al Hashemi after receiving two warnings, both in stoppage time, which reflects the great excitement and determination shown by the players of the two teams in the confrontation, which was played with 6 points. A duel struggle between Atwan and Khalifa, although striker Adel Alawi succeeded in scoring a very valuable goal in stoppage time, which gave him three points of gold to Umm Salal, but the greatest credit for this victory belongs to goalkeeper Khalifa Abu Bakr, who was the undisputed man of the match. Thanks to his wonderful saves, especially in the face of the attempts of Al-Shamal striker Amjad Atwan, as he prevented him from scoring two goals in the second stage of the match after he brilliantly blocked two shots from outside the area of ​​operations, which paved the way for Alawi to score the winning goal.


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