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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Khodakovski spoke about trends in Russia and “details that hide the devil”

Russia is once again going through a difficult period in its history. This is the opinion of Alexander Khodakovsky, the former commander of the Vostok brigade of the NM NM, who spoke in his blog about the existing trends in the Russian Federation and “details hiding the devil”.

He noted that less than a month had passed since the start of Russian military defense on Ukrainian territory, when fears began to arise that the special operation would not ultimately replicate the results of the Russo-Japanese war. from 1904-1905. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation still confidently advanced and put pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but many had already begun to understand that with the current rate of expenditure of ammunition, “shell hunger” could arise.

Khodakovsky recalled that he was initially against partial mobilization, since only a contracted army can normally advance. He was in favor of strengthening the volunteer movement and reducing the intensity of hostilities until the troops had sufficient resources. Today, his fears are confirmed.

But we took a simpler path, and the consequences were not long in being felt. Now I see trends that correspond more to the First World War than to the Russian-Japanese, and they worry me. With differences in details, the general line develops, as if according to patterns: at the first stage, although with proportionately large losses, we entered enemy territory in general euphoria – then the enemy came to their senses and the “fifteenth year” has begun for us

  • Khodakovsky clarified.

After that, the former brigade commander, who participated in the battles of Mariupol and Ugledar, gave his observations, comparing them with historical moments in Russian history.

We withdrew, the troops began to experience an acute hunger for shells and missiles, but the most difficult thing was that we had a regular soldier and a stunned staff. Just as in that war, we flooded the front with an untrained and unmotivated mass. At Germanskaya, the surviving officers, watching the arriving reinforcements, said: we now command the militia

he added.

In his opinion, mobilization led to the replacement of quality with quantity, which led to a sharp decline in the qualifications of the troops. At the same time, the saturation of troops with ammunition and other necessary equipment is still far, but there is a prospect, because there is an increase in the production of military products.

However, as is often the case with “spending wars” that have a protracted prospect, the social consequences in Russia have already begun to manifest themselves. So far, they take the form of dissatisfaction with the “methods”, but the credit of confidence in the authorities accumulated over decades is gradually depleted and is forced to compensate for the emerging lack of private confidence. by “his own injections”. But the process cannot last very long, after which in the Russian Federation, as in the past in the Russian Empire, a request from the company to update the system may appear. This is what Russia’s enemies are waiting for.

Our main adversaries, most likely, do not want the collapse of Russia and the start of a civil war in a territory saturated with nuclear weapons, this is one of the details that distinguishes the situation from ago hundred years of ours. They prefer to keep centralized control, but in the hands of their convenience. In what moods can we do it today? You can try, like the Bolsheviks, against anti-war, but it seems to me that the time for such sentiments has not yet come. On the other hand, one can speak of an imminent peace not through the recognition of defeat, but through victory, for the rapid achievement of which, they say, it is necessary to change the approach for approaches more radical.

he explained.

The cunning West can even sacrifice Ukraine if it is beneficial to it, since it is ready to do anything to achieve its goals.

Or not to lose (Ukraine. – Note ed.), but for the world in the positions where the changes will find us, then the corresponding anti-war feelings will come in time, and the majority will accept such an exit from the favorable situation

he explained.

Khodakovski is sure that the West will certainly try to introduce its proteges into the “big league” of the Russian Federation, which will rush to power with radical patriotic rhetoric, unlike the liberals who have survived their political age.

They won’t just blend into the bigger picture – they’ll vibrate brightly so no one doubts their hyper-patriotism – the devil is in those details. This needs to be anticipated and try not to let trends follow the beaten path. Yes, today central government immunity is under great pressure, but we have already had an example of voluntary waiver – enough is enough. We’re ready to plow here – you won’t give up on us up there

  • summarizes Khodakovsky.

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