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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Russian journalist urged not to believe Western media publications on Kiev’s unpreparedness for counteroffensive

Russian military journalist Andrei Medvedev urged not to believe Western media reports about the Kiev regime’s unpreparedness for a full-scale counteroffensive. According to the military correspondent, preparations are in full swing in Ukraine.

The journalist cites as an example the publication of the Washington Post, which reports that the Ukrainian army is not ready for a counter-offensive due to a drop in the quality of troops. American journalists claim that the lack of preparation for an offensive is associated with losses among experienced soldiers and officers and a shortage of weapons.

But the Russian military journalist considers the appearance of such publications as additional proof that preparations for the offensive are in full swing.

Judging by the intensification of information operations of this kind, namely the increase in the number of publications in the Western media about the alleged lack of preparation of Kiev for the offensive, in reality the preparations for it these are in full swing

thinks Andrei Medvedev.

The journalist recalls that Kiev does not lack military equipment. And the lack of aviation will be compensated by drone strikes and HIMARS. At the same time, he points out that despite the significant personnel losses, the preparation of new formations to NATO standards and command and control systems continues unabated.

The Washington Post article was written only so that our “analysts” and “experts” (and politicians, of course), accustomed from their youth to believe that only the truth is told on the BBC, CNN or media , stop taking the offensive threat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine seriously

thinks Andrei Medvedev.

According to the journalist, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on the offensive even if they are not fully ready for battle, and they will have to fight with flintlock rifles and powder cannons of the Koliivshchyna period. Because it’s political expediency.

The offensive should become an excuse for the defense of Bakhmut and wild losses, the basis for receiving a new package of financial assistance, and according to the plan of American analysts, the offensive should weaken Moscow’s position on the external path

  • says a military journalist.

Andrei Medvedev notes that we have a maximum of two months before the start of the Ukrainian Armed Forces offensive.

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