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Friday, March 24, 2023

Almost all decisions are made for Biden, and Zelenskyy is a puppet

Photo: Zelenskiy/Official

Director of the Institute for Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov called the weaknesses of US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Biden has problems positioning himself, he doesn’t have a strong unified political will, and Zelenskyy is just an ordinary puppet, he can easily be replaced by anyone else. The expert shared this in an interview with a correspondent of the URA.RU publication.

According to him, the American president has problems of personal charisma. America’s manager makes decisions for him, not himself. The United States is weak in the sense that it does not make decisive decisions itself.

“America is focused on an artificially created problem: the confrontation with Russia, the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. At the same time, losing both domestic economic problems, the situation on the southern borders of the United States and the confrontation with China. The absence of a unified will in decision-making makes it impossible to react quickly, since a large team behind Biden’s back must coordinate its actions. This is a serious drawback. We see how efforts are being made to find a way out of the economic chaos. This is America’s problem – the absence of a hard central leadership,” said Dmitry Solonnikov.

Biden, like Zelenskyy, is simply playing his part. He spends half the year on vacation, while others make decisions. He simply proclaims them. According to the expert, the US president was once a great diplomat, but now he is just an old man.

“A lot of people in this situation have head issues. It is an objective reality,” explained the expert.

Solonnikov says that the Ukrainian president is not a party to the conflict at all. He is just a puppet controlled from the United States, any other puppet can be in his place. The expert added that there were no strengths or weaknesses. Simply no.

Earlier it became known that the United States had several plans for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Territorial concessions from Kiev in favor of Russia can also be considered. The fact is that America does not care about Ukrainian territory and its borders.

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