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Friday, March 24, 2023

“Closed the point and handed over the keys. In which regions of Russia are Wildberries employees on strike?

Dozens of Wildberries Pickup Points (POPs) in Siberia and the Far East have joined the strike against the new fines system. On the eve of March 14, point owners in Moscow stormed the company’s offices, demanding a meeting with management. Where the strikes are taking place now, and what the employees say about the points – in the RTVI material.

Reason for strikes

Under the new rules of the Wildberries company, the full amount of the goods is withheld from the owners of the PVZ in the event of a defective return or if, through no fault of their own, another item was in the package. Write-offs for replacements began on March 9.

Telegram channel Tour earlier writingthat, in order to avoid fines, PVZ employees are obliged to wash and sew things themselves. Moreover, by data Baza, on March 14, Wildberries introduced a fine of 100,000 rubles into the offer for spreading “inaccurate, false, misleading, inciting information.”

In this regard, on March 14, strikes by owners of distribution outlets took place in Moscow, Barnaul, Yekaterinburg, Blagoveshchensk and St. Petersburg. According to the media, in the Belgorod region, some Wildberries employees decided to go on sick leave en masse.

Owners of order issuing points and policemen at the entrance to Wildberries’ central office on Leninskaya Sloboda Street in Moscow, March 14, 2023Alexander Shcherbak/TASS

One of the organizers of the MEGA Bunt telegram chat said Forbes, that from March 15, the work of the Wildberries pick-up point will also be limited, point employees will go to work so as not to violate the terms of employment contracts, but there will be no delivery of goods to customers.

Who else joined the strikes

Vladivostok. By data PrimaMedia, several relay points do not work in town. Local residents publish lists of addresses on social networks where distribution points have been closed, and where work is continuing as usual. Barnaul. Several distribution points have also ceased to operate in the city. How informed Sibirmedia, some pick-up points have barricaded the windows with boxes. An advertisement hangs on the door: “The article does not work until the salary is paid. Irkutsk. On March 15, more than 20 outlets did not open in the city, transmitsIrCity in reference to the manager of one of the largest pickup points. 14 broadcast points were closed in Chita, informed public “PMC Chita” and gives their addresses. Transbaikalia. Go on strike we’re joining employees of Wildberries branches in Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky and the village of Aginskoye. Krasnoyarsk Territory and Kuzbass. Siberian mash informed on closed points in Kemerovo, Topki, Leninsk-Kuznetsky and Prokopyevsk. Public “All Ulan-Ude” informed on non-working points in Buryatia. At least one closed pick-up point in Nizhny Novgorod, writing

“Are we supposed to work for free?

An employee of one of the closed pick-up points in Yekaterinburg said that she and her colleagues began to receive marriage fines from the beginning of the year.

Vlad Nekrasov / Kommersant

“In the morning, my shift worker and I came to work, decided to look at our salary balance, and it says: ‘You no longer have access to your salary, because you are in debt. The changer had accumulated 90,000 and I had 187. We didn’t know what to do, we just closed the point and handed over the keys. Are we supposed to work for free? – said the woman.

An employee of a checkpoint in the village of Malysheva in Sverdlovsk claims that “frenzied debts” weigh on the employees. “There was a 100% (salary) withholding, but during the day they made it minus 25%. Today I minus 14 thousand. That’s a lot of money for our village! – the interlocutor of was indignant.

On March 14 in Moscow, about 50 pick-up point owners showed up at the Wildberries office and asked to meet with management. The police arrived at the scene. The Prosecutor General’s Office instructed the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office to verify compliance with the labor rights of Wildberries employees. The market’s press service said the information about the strikes was not true, and “about 10-15 people accompanied by yellow Telegram chains” came to the Moscow office, which “blew up a molehill of molehills.”

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