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Sunday, April 2, 2023

German transport union rejects Deutsche Bahn offer


In a collective labor dispute at Deutsche Bahn, the rail and transport union (EVG) rejected the company’s first offer as “unacceptable”. The union announced that it would not continue negotiations in Berlin and postponed them to the next date at the end of April. The likelihood of another mass strike in March is increasing.

“EVG sees no basis in the documents submitted by the employer to enter into negotiations,” the statement said. “The version presented does not deserve the name of “proposal”, it humiliates our colleagues and is unacceptable.” Negotiations have been postponed by EVG until the next official date – April 24-25.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) criticized the rejection of their offer as “incomprehensible”, saying that the basic requirements of EVG had been met. The company called for a “timely continuation of negotiations”. From the point of view of Martin Seiler, head of human resources, the agreed date of the end of April is too far, taking into account the justified expectations of the employees: “We are always ready to continue the negotiations earlier.”

Salary increase of at least 650 euros

EVG pleads for a salary increase of at least 650 euros for 180,000 employees. The union wants a 12% wage increase within twelve months, as well as demands for structural changes to collective agreements. Deutsche Bahn rejected these demands as too high – according to the management, we are talking about an increase of around 25%.

Recall that the trade unions of workers in the service sector and rail transport are considering the possibility of organizing a mass strike at the end of March, the employers will not offer acceptable conditions.

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