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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Large block of ice found on the Northern Dvina

A large block of ice was found on the Northern Dvina. It was discovered by specialists from UGMS Nord during the pre-flood survey of the river.

Every year, on the eve of drifting ice and flooding, Arkhangelsk hydrometeorologists, together with the Regional Center for Civil Protection and the Tsentrregionvodkhoz, carry out a survey of the Northern Dvina and other rivers of the region from Arkhangelsk – the Vychegda, the Pinega and the Lai.

A few days ago, an ice survey was completed on the Northern Dvina in the Orletsy-Kazenschina section, 120-140 kilometers from Arkhangelsk. In this section of the river, ice jams and ice jams often form, which can lead to flooding of settlements located upstream of the river.

During the survey, the main characteristics of the ice cover were determined: the thickness of the ice, the depth of snow on the ice, the presence of mud and pods under the ice, the bumpiness of the ice, the height mounds. It turned out that in the ice dam near the quarries in the village of Stupino, the average thickness was 81 cm, under the ice the mud was 0.5 m, and the height of the ice mounds reached 1, 2m.

Compared to January, there was an increase in ice thickness of 7 cm and a decrease in the mud layer under the ice by 1.5 m. But compared to March 2022, the ice thickness is 34 cm more and the thickness of the under-ice. the ice mud is less than 2 meters.

According to the newspaper Pravda Severa, in 2023, the passage of ice drift is expected at normal horizons, and breakup and the start of ice drift are also expected at the usual time – no anomalies are expected.

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