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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Qatar University announces the launch of the second startup company

Qatar University announced the launch of ClearExhaust, the second start-up company to be established with the support of Qatar University Holding Company, which was announced nearly a year ago to incubate creative ideas and innovations at the university. This startup is based on the innovation and design of a new technology that promises to radically reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, which are a major factor in global warming. This project is a direct result of the accelerated steps recently taken by Qatar University to establish a comprehensive system for economic development in the university, to enable the transfer of its innovations and research to a sustainable social and economic impact for the State of Qatar, as a contribution to the Qatar National Vision 2030. On this occasion, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, President of the University said Qatar The Qatar University Holding Company came within the framework of seeking to institutionalize sustainable economic development as the third core mission of Qatar University, along with the university’s mission in education and research. He explained that the company acts as a legal and supportive platform that enables faculty members, researchers, employees and students at Qatar University to develop their innovations and research to have a social and economic impact, by launching startups. He pointed out that the Office of Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development was launched at the university as another platform that contributes to the institutionalization of economic development in it, and many training and guidance programs in innovation and leadership were launched by the office. For his part, Dr. Omar Al-Ansari, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Qatar University, said that the university is proud to launch another startup led by faculty members emerging from the academic sector and colleges. added "We have made embedding innovation and leadership competencies a priority for implementation in our academic programs as part of the university’s commitment and strategic focus on innovation and leadership.". In turn, Dr. Samer Ahmed, CEO and founder of the startup, explained that emissions from diesel engines are a major source of pollution around the world, pointing out that the smoke emitted from these engines is extremely harmful to human health because it causes serious diseases such as cancer and asthma, and is also harmful. environment, and contributes to global warming.


Dr. Samer Ahmed, professor of mechanical engineering at Qatar University, explained that ClearExhost has produced the first product that removes nearly 100 percent of smoke emissions from diesel vehicles and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. He pointed out that the company’s goal is to install its product on all mobile and stationary diesel engines around the world to contribute to a clean and smoke-free atmosphere. For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Wahed, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Qatar University Holding Company and Director of the Office of Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at the university, said that Qatar University is one of the very few universities in the Arab world that adopts a comprehensive approach to maximize its role as a catalyst for sustainable social and economic development in the country. Through innovation, leadership and knowledge transfer through the education and research sectors". added "ClearxHost is the second company to emerge from the university to be established by a member of the faculty, and it is among many other companies that will be launched on a regular basis as a result of the innovation, leadership and economic development strategy that was newly adopted at Qatar University.". Qatar University witnessed the launch of the first startup company last September under the name Genesis Technologies, which specializes in financial technology.

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