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Thursday, March 23, 2023

 The camel of Al-Shahaniya dominates the stages of Al-Hail and Al-Zamoul in the Prince’s Festival

Today, the Sun Al Hail and Zamoul competitions continued within the annual festival of purebred Arabian camel racing on the sword of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, for the season (2022-2023), which is organized by the Camel Racing Committee on the fields of Al Sheehaniya and Busir, and its competitions will continue until the sixteenth From this March, with wide participation from various fields of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The competitions of the 11th day of the festival were strong and exciting in all the tricks and zamoul runs, with 12 runs in the morning, 7 of which were allocated to tricks and 5 to zamoul, and 12 runs in the evening period, 7 of which were allocated to tricks and 5 to zamoul, which took place from a distance of 8 km. Today’s competitions saw Camel Al-Shahaniya dominate the titles of Al-Hail and Al-Zamoul.. In the morning period, she was crowned "desire" The King of Al Shahaniya camel won the title of the main first half of the tricks open, interrupting the race in a time of 12:29:41 minutes, leaving the runner-up position to "badge" The king of the Al Shahaniya camel, which recorded a time of 12:30:35 minutes, came "alert" Malek came to the presidency in third place, with a time of 12:34:69 minutes. On the other hand, achieved "the lion" King of Al-Shahaniya camel won the title of the main first half for Al-Zamoul Open, after he finished at the top of the half, recording a time of 12:39:47 minutes, ahead of "Labib" The King of the Storm Came, who finished second, with a time of 12:40:55 minutes, and came "western" The King of the Storm came in third place, with a time of 12:52:41 minutes. As for the evening competitions, I achieved "Satisfying" Malek Camel Presidency titled the main first half of Al-Hail Open, recording the best time in today’s competitions with a time of 12.11.43 minutes, outperforming "finest" Malek came to the presidency, which came in second place, with a time of 12.13.29 minutes, and came "emergency" The King of Al Shahaniya camel came in third place with a time of 12.14.03 minutes. In what has been achieved "Duhail" The King of Al-Shahaniya Camel won the title of the main first half for Al-Zamoul Open, after he finished at the top of the half, in a time of 12.29.35 minutes, outperforming "direct" The King of the Al-Shahaniya camel, who finished in the center of Al-Wasfa with a time of 12.30.45 minutes, as it came "ash" The King of the Storm came in third place, with a time of 12.31.71 minutes. The competitions of His Highness the Prince’s Camel Festival will continue tomorrow with the establishment of the Al-Hail and Zamoul productions, and the Al-Hail and Zamoul Omani women, and it will witness the distribution of 6 silver symbols, in addition to important financial prizes. Hamad Mubarak Al-Shahwani, Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the Organizing Committee for Camel Racing, stressed that this year’s edition of the festival is better than the previous one, due to the high demand for participation, whether from inside or outside Qatar, which was evident in the numbers of those registered in the festival’s races. There are 364 rounds for all age groups. Al-Shahwani said in a press statement: "The competitions in all rounds of the festival were stronger than the previous version, in light of the strong readiness of everyone to win titles, especially in the rounds dedicated to the golden and silver symbols, whether in terms of the sheikhs’ camel runs or the tribesmen’s camels.". He pointed out that camel racing is one of the distinguished sports in Qatar, which brings together all groups of grandfather, father and son together, pointing out that it symbolizes the State of Qatar as it is one of the ancient popular heritage that has been handed down by generations. Regarding the evaluation of the participation of Qatari camels in the festival, Hamad Al-Shahwani said: "In general, they are satisfied with the participation, but there are many names that were absent from the scene and disappeared in a number of runs, such as Al-Misnad, Al-Aida and other names. In addition to that, there was a good appearance of a number of names.. We hope that the excellence of Qatari camels will continue in the closing runs tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.". At the end of his speech, Al-Shahwani invited the public to attend and enjoy the places designated for them, indicating that the committee also provided all means of comfort for the fans who will attend the festival competitions, whether owners, citizens, residents or foreigners visiting Qatar, to enjoy the heritage atmosphere that characterizes the strong competitions of the runs. Concluding.

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