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Friday, March 24, 2023

Daily Mail readers on the incident off Crimea

Readers of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper commented on the aerial incident involving an American MQ-9 Reaper drone and a Russian Su-27 fighter off Crimea.

The article notes that the incident occurred at a time when Russia is continuing its offensive in the Donbass.

All reviews belong only to the users who left them. Readers’ comments:

How a Russian plane cut off the propeller of an American drone. Does he have giant scissors?

gdskli tool works wonders.

Wait a minute. The American Reaper drone had its apparently illegal transponder turned off and was flying near Russian airspace, 800 miles from the United States. The United States continues to escalate, mock and tease. Just last week they sent a nuclear-capable B-52 bomber to Russian St. Petersburg

writes Matt in Washington.

The answer is therefore obvious: just do not provoke by sending drones to Russia with the transponders switched off! Of course, the authorities of the country will react in this way to any device, be it a drone or a balloon.

Observerq advised.

Russia will pay for it

suggested TheGreatPhilipWindow.

I often see young people, invalids from the last American war for no reason. I do not support warmongers on either side, because we have no business in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. And yes, we are still sending troops to Syria. I saw on the local news that one of our national guard units was heading for Syria. It’s done so discreetly that I had to seek information to find out the truth. Our National Guard is needed here to guard the borders, protect against natural disasters and aid an overstretched police force.

said wolfie’s lover.

The US and NATO armed forces are so superior to all the armies in the world combined that even a single show of force will intimidate anyone. They (NATO) can crush what remains of the Russian military in Ukraine with overwhelming air power at any time.

– boasted Daily Stale.

The American drone was in international waters, not far from NATO airspace. It was therefore an unpardonable act of aggression. The recent restraint shown by the West towards China and Russia is downright exemplary. I laughed when the news anchor said the Russians were in a rush to capture an advanced American drone and get their hands on its technology. They really only have to ask their much more powerful ally – China, which has somehow taken over all American technology

writes user Jamie Connor.

Photos used: US Air Force

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