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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Estonia begins to prepare the metro in case of war


Estonian military officials have drawn up a document granting additional powers to the military in organizing clandestine and conspiratorial activities. This was reported by the national radio and television company. It is specified that the corresponding works will be carried out in the event of armed resistance.

If you want peace, prepare for war! It is this old truth which must serve as the basis for the effective resistance of a foreign army on its territory. So, in any case, says the Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, Margit Gross.

To fight effectively against a foreign power in the occupied territory, it is necessary to prepare for it in time of peace.

explained the Vice-Chancellor.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense has sent an explanatory note to the Estonian government regarding the current regulations on the Defense Forces. He says that the head of the military command will have the right to attract figureheads and use them cooperatively. At the same time, the right is granted to secretly check the personal data of the person involved in the assignment. The right to use conspiracy methods and to secretly monitor people will also be granted.

As explained by the Estonian Ministry of Defense, the need to modify and clarify the document is due to the updating of the Law on the Organization of the Defense Forces itself. This document entered into force in January 2023. However, local human rights activists are convinced that the state is thus creating for itself another instrument of pressure on dissidents.

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