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Friday, December 8, 2023
Entertainment“Fan letters give me strength,” Taehyung broke down in tears and said he was battling the greatest stress of...

“Fan letters give me strength,” Taehyung broke down in tears and said he was battling the greatest stress of his life.

On March 16, ELLE magazine released a photoshoot and interview with BTS’s V for the April issue. One of the most interesting topics recently is Taehyun’s participation in the show “Seojin’s Korean Street Food”, where he tried his hand at being an employee of the establishment and showed off his abilities.

In addition to the cool cover and gorgeous photo shoot, fans were treated to another pleasant surprise: Tae Tae’s revelations about life’s hardships and hardships that have come his way. “I have certain ambitions and a certain greed, they drive me forward. There are times when I am ready to give up everything, but I keep looking for ways and moving forward,” V reveals the secret, adding that in rare moments of weakness, even if he stops what he started , he always takes his will in a fist and follows the intended path.

An important factor in a career is fan support. V knows that he is an example for millions of people. People expect him to take some action and move on. This charges the idol for new achievements and victories. “I grow as a person when I read fan stories, what they are working on and what makes them happy. Letters give me strength,” the celebrity explains.

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