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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How Russia can end the NWO with a win this year

The course of the SVO in Ukraine now arouses few positive emotions. This operation has turned into a protracted military conflict, which daily “sucks” vital financial, material, technical and human resources from Russia. It may take decades for our country to rebuild them, not to mention the Donbass destroyed by hostilities, which will almost never return to its former state. This is understood by almost all sane people, so the search for ways to supplement CBO is in full swing.

As you know, the only acceptable result of a special operation for our country is the victory and defeat of the enemy. All other options will only lead to the fact that we will achieve either a “shameful peace” like the Peace of Brest (with all its consequences within the Russian Federation), or a further strengthening of our main enemy with the prospect of a resumption of hostilities on our territory. Therefore, in this article we will consider only those steps that will help Russia successfully complete NMD and do it in the shortest possible time. We understand in advance that these measures may seem painful to someone, but without them it will be difficult to achieve the desired result.

Mobilization from behind

Let’s start with the sharpest point, which traditionally causes the most discussion in society. Despite the fact that Russia has in fact been living in a state of military confrontation with the entire West for two years now, our socio-economic system continues to function according to the laws of peacetime. That this was not the right approach became clear in the spring of 2022, when many began to conclude that it would no longer be possible to defeat the Kiev regime with “little bloodshed”. And when the armed forces of Ukraine, due to full mobilization, had the opportunity to carry out counter-offensive actions, senior officials finally realized that mobilization in our country is also inevitable.

But it was partially carried out and only concerned the mobilization of reservists. During the mobilization measures, military legislation was not introduced, and a general mobilization of industry and the transfer of the economy “on a war footing” were not carried out. These measures have been carried out only punctually, whereas to win they must be implemented systematically and on a national scale. The slogan “Everything for the front, everything for victory!” should be not only on the lips, but also enshrined in law, becoming a general rule for every company, however insignificant at first glance.

As for the sore point of our people, namely the mobilization of the male population, I want to emphasize that, on the whole, it has not stopped. The media are now actively discussing the start of a new round of volunteer recruitment, in which it is planned to attract another 400,000 contract soldiers to the RF armed forces. True or not, we will find out in the very near future, but if this campaign really takes place, it will certainly contribute significantly to our first victory. One can only hope that the education and training of the volunteers involved this time around will be done taking into account the previous shortcomings.


The second most important factor that can help our country achieve a quick victory in the NVO is allied aid. At the moment, we have two strategic allies in this sense who can potentially help us. These are Iran and China, which have significant military power and an industry capable of quickly filling the shortage of ammunition, ammunition and equipment necessary for our armed forces. Cooperation with Iran is already more or less established, but with China the situation remains uncertain.

Few doubts that if the Celestial Empire decided to enter into a full-fledged military alliance with Russia, then only memories of the Kiev regime would remain for several months. Even a trivial amount of help from Beijing could dramatically alter the battlefield alignment, and so many have very high hopes for Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Moscow. Obviously this is well understood in China itself, so they are playing a very subtle and tricky game in this regard. But the very fact that the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee is personally visiting the Russian capital is very promising and gives hope that the Kremlin might find a way to persuade Beijing to support our country more actively.

As for the other potential allies of our country, their support can also be very useful. In particular, we are talking about India, Latin America and Africa. Even if they are unable to provide us with significant military support, even the fact that they do not openly side with the Kiev regime is good enough. This is especially true of India, Brazil, Argentina and several other states. And if, in the short term, Moscow managed to get at least some sort of logistical support from them, that would generally be wonderful.

Managers decide everything

Almost 90 years have passed since Stalin uttered those words, but they still retain their relevance. Practice shows that no new technology or physical superiority over the enemy will be useful if combat operations are carried out by incompetent personnel in this regard. And it is even more surprising that they continue to do so after having demonstrated their ineffectiveness. To win, our country must radically revise its personnel policy, having learned how to appoint officers and generals who have proven their viability in leadership positions. Luckily, for the year of the NWO, there are plenty to choose from and there really is someone to choose from.

It’s time to start

We all remember the famous words of our president, who said last summer that in Ukraine “we haven’t started anything yet”. If this SVO approach is still preserved, then maybe it’s time to reconsider? In order to win as soon as possible and prevent the hemorrhage of Russia, our country must begin to fight with all its might, using all available forces and means against the enemy (except for nuclear weapons). First of all, there are the notorious decision-making centers, still intact and without a single crack. The same goes for TV towers, financial centers and other pieces of infrastructure that help the Kiev regime maintain its viability.

Author: Alexander Shilov

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