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Usual dishes and foods that many people eat incorrectly

Probably, every person at least once in his life ate popular dishes incorrectly. In fact, there are rules to follow. Consider their list in more detail to understand everything.


If you come to a restaurant and order a pizza, eat it with a knife and fork. You can enjoy pizza by hand, but in this situation you need to carefully roll a piece of a triangular shape so that the filling does not fall on the plate.

Did you know that according to the rules, the pizza dough label is not allowed to be eaten? They are necessary for you to hold a treat. But some restaurants offer sauces designed for the crusts that make them as flavorful as possible.


A fragrant meat dish is often served as an appetizer. In this situation, the barbecue is eaten without removing it from the skewer. If the dish plays the role of dinner, you need to remove the pieces from a large dish with a fork.

Each person takes the appropriate amount of meat and transfers it to their own plate. When the common plate is empty, you can put an empty skewer on its edge.


If the dish is served without broth, it is eaten with a fork. Some people like dumplings with broth, which should be eaten with a spoon.

If the products are large, they should be broken into two parts with a fork. Be careful, as imprecise movements can stain your clothes with gravy.


It is a delicious dish that many people love. However, you should not eat khachapuri, armed with a fork and a knife. Eat the treat with your hands, breaking off pieces of bread and dipping them in the cheese-egg mixture. This method will be the most correct, so you shouldn’t be any wiser.

tea bags

The drink offered in a sachet will save you a lot of time, since you don’t have to infuse it in a kettle. But remember that after making tea, you don’t need to squeeze the bag, wrapping its thread around the spoon.

Transfer the used sachet to an empty saucer, add boiling water to a cup if necessary.

Sushi and rolls

In Japan, these treats are eaten with wooden chopsticks. However, not everyone manages to cope with such devices.

You can ask the waiter for a fork and a knife, as the use of tools is not prohibited. Also, remember that you don’t need to mix soy sauce and wasabi. Just put the green sauce on the sushi in sufficient quantity. It is necessary to eat ginger after the rolls, since the product will kill the aroma and taste of fish.


Probably, there is simply no simpler snack. But you need to eat bread in small portions, breaking off pieces. The same rule applies when it comes to cookies and rolls. It is better to cook sandwiches that are large enough for one bite, so that eating them does not cause difficulties.


If you are served unpeeled seafood on the table, eat it with your hands, getting rid of the shell. Some restaurants offer shelled tempura shrimp. They should be taken by the tail with your fingers, sending the product into your mouth.

You can dip these delicious seafood in a sauce to make your meal as enjoyable as possible.

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