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Saturday, March 25, 2023

biologist talked about the link between the brain and physical activity

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Deputy Director of Sciences of the Institute of Brain Research and Higher Achievements of RUDN University Vera Tolchennikova in the RTVI program “Science Against” saidwhich movements affect the development of intelligence and how to make a loser an excellent student.

“The complexity of the brain is related to the complexity of the movement that we have to produce. Rehabilitation works the same way: we want to influence the intellect, the best target for that is movement, but not everyone. From the fact that I do 200 push-ups, it does not follow that I will enter the Mekhmat without exams. It is not about movement at all, i.e. not the strength of muscle mass, but about precise movements that precede the development of intelligence,” she said.

According to the expert, a set of such exercises is familiar to all parents, because among them raise your head from a lying position, turn from the chest to your back, walk on all fours. Thanks to these movements, the muscular framework is formed in the infant, in particular the muscles of the neck.

“The orthogonal head lift is very important. You learn to stabilize the analyzers of the head – eyes and ears – in relation to the objective. If we don’t work this reflex properly and the child doesn’t lie on his stomach and rip his head off, we won’t automate keeping the head on the target,” explains Tolchennikova.

According to her, later it can directly affect her studies at school. If a child does not have an automatic headlock, for example, it is more difficult for him to concentrate on what the teacher is writing on the board, “because his head is shaking”. Accordingly, such a child, in order to listen carefully to the teacher during the lesson, must activate all his resources, connect the frontal lobes, and only then can he “cross out his name”.

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“In short, the intellectual effort that an A student and a Loser student devote to a mental operation is unequal: Losers pay more for the same intellectual effort,” explains the expert.

Therefore, she added, if rehabilitation is done and the reflexes of keeping the head on target are automated, it will become easier for a conditional loser to learn. “We send the child back to school, he gets grades of five in mathematics and enters the best universities with the budget. This is possible if the rehabilitation process is properly constructed. It is clear that there are cases of different seriousness, but, in general, it works”, summarizes the biologist.

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