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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Civil Service: Launching a “Hackathon” Innovation in government services Sunday

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau is organized in cooperation with the Global Institute for Innovation Management "GIMI"The first hackathon in Qatar for innovation in government services will be held next Sunday, March 9, and will continue until Monday, March 21, with the aim of developing and innovating new means for government services. The hackathon targets government sector employees exclusively with the aim of developing innovative solutions to facilitate and develop government services.

The organization of the first hackathon for the development of government services is in line with Qatar’s strategy for research, development and innovation 2030. It is also a distinguished step to create the required transformation in government services and to motivate human cadres in the government sector towards developing services and innovation in that, improving the level of services provided in government agencies and identifying areas for improvement The level of current services based on strategic priorities in cooperation with the relevant authorities, as well as international agencies specialized in the field of development and innovation.

For his part, Dr. Hetendra Patel, Innovative Thought Leader at the Global Institute for Innovation Management, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “Visionary leaders and governments are the first to imagine a better future and then create it. The government of Qatar does not wait for the future to come to them, but proactively drives better and more relevant services through innovation for the well-being of its citizens, residents and guests.”

This cooperation comes within the efforts of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau to achieve the highest levels of organizational and administrative development and modernization, and to raise the level of civil human resources in government agencies and upgrade them in various fields of work, while proposing and reviewing strategies, programs, and government development initiatives and services, in addition to capacity building and government leaders, including Transferring the best global experiences in the field of government innovation through partnership and cooperation with the International Institute for Innovation Management and other organizations and entities towards driving innovation and development in the government sector and improving the quality of services provided to citizens, residents and visitors.

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