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Friday, March 24, 2023

Festive concert “Moscow Navruz 2023” will be held online

On March 15, a press conference dedicated to the celebration of Navruz in Moscow was held at the Moscow Government Information Center. On the day of the spring equinox, it is celebrated by the Iranian-speaking peoples and some Turkic-speaking peoples.

Navruz is celebrated today in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, as well as in Russia: in Tatarstan , Bashkortostan, Dagestan and some other national republics.

Thanks to the active work of the International Israel-Azerbaijan Association “AzIz”, Navruz is regularly met in the Holy Land. This amazing event is eagerly awaited by Azerbaijanis living in the Jewish state. Long before the day of the vernal equinox, the people of Israel are preparing with dignity, pleasure and above all – “very tasty” to celebrate one of their favorite dates which has passed from the past to the present life of the returnees.

The AzIz Association is doing everything possible today to maintain ties and strengthen friendship between the peoples of the Jewish state and Azerbaijan. We talked about it by phone with the director of the Azerbaijan Cultural Center of the International Israel-Azerbaijan Association “AzIz” Yegyanoy Salman: “Celebrating Navruz in Israel has already become a good tradition. The International Israel-Azerbaijan Association “AzIz”, which is already in its 16th year, has celebrated this celebration every year since its establishment, sometimes in several cities of the country at the same time. This year, the celebration is organized by the Cultural Center of Azerbaijan, inviting on this occasion representatives of the Jewish community of Bukhara. Traditionally, as part of this event, we organize a festive tea party with all delicious Azerbaijani sweets, including Shaker-Bura, baklava. We decorate tables, we invite artists, and people celebrate, they are already used to coming to us, they are impatiently awaiting this major event. Usually, we invite representatives of different Israeli communities to share with us the joy of the arrival of spring and thus make them discover our traditions, our culture.

I live in Afula, where I also organize a kind of festive event dedicated to the arrival of spring. The events we organize popularize the Jewish culture of the mountains, preserve the traditions and customs of Azerbaijan. And we can’t do without the Navruz party! Moreover, the principle of our work is not just to “cook in our own juice”, but to acquaint representatives of other communities with our culture, customs and traditions, more precisely, Jews who have come here from various countries of the ex-USSR. Bukharian Jews regularly come to us – immigrants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, but we will gladly celebrate Navruz to them. Sometimes we do – we unite and together we have a wonderful holiday, where they are even more colorful, fun and crowded .. “- she says. According to Yegyana Salman, there is also a difference between the Jews of the mountains and of Bukharia in the customs and traditions of Navruz, which is manifested in music, national dishes and other things.

But about the organization and holding of Navruz in the Russian capital, within the framework of a press conference, journalists were informed in detail: Vitaly Suchkov – Head of the Department for National Policy and Interregional Relations from the city of Moscow, Khursheda Khamrakulova – an expert in the field of national and cultural traditions, vice-president of the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of the Peoples of the World, Natalya Lokteva – representative of the working group for the preparation of the Moscow holiday Navruz-2023, Aziza Mukhamedova – Honored Artist of Russia, Uzbek and Russian pop singer and songwriter, Gazan – popular musician and performer, blogger, Nailya Shakhova – director of Vostok FM radio programs, radio host.

Vitaly Suchkov said that recently the number of people celebrating Navruz has increased significantly: “Navruz has been held in Moscow since 2006, and all this time it has been held in various concert halls. This time we will be celebrating this holiday for the 17th time, in an online format. Navruz has long equalized and united representatives of various social strata. Everyone can join, share with us the joy of the arrival of spring. The only time we didn’t celebrate this highlight was in 2020, the year of the pandemic.

Khursheda Khamrakulova added that next time she plans to combine two holiday formats – face-to-face and online: “The online format of the event undoubtedly has a positive side: the halls could accommodate a maximum of 50,000 people, and in 2 years we have been watched by about four million viewers. I hope there will be even more this year. Nowruz has become very popular today, firmly uniting people from different walks of life. social.

The singer Aziza was also very happy to participate in this press conference: “Navruz is an old folk festival from my childhood. I know how to cook sumalak since the age of three, I always look forward to being handed a huge stick that gets in the way of this dish. On March 25, I have the great responsibility of performing in front of a huge international audience.

It is important to note that the sumalak dish is prepared for 12 hours from sprouted wheat grains by older parents, with the participation of the younger generation so that they know better their traditions, customs and culture.

Natalya Lokteva explained that the organizers specifically invite as many partners as possible to participate in the celebration so that as many citizens as possible are informed about this event.

Naila Shakhova from Azerbaijan told media representatives that Vostok FM radio for the third time, to the delight of her beloved listeners, will become a partner of this holiday, plunging into the whole “Navruz week” , and on the waves of this radio, songs of popular artists glorifying oriental music.

Singer Gazan, who incidentally shot his fashion video in the famous Sadovod market, said he does his best to inform young audiences about the extraordinary meaning and importance of Navruz through his work , symbolizing the arrival of spring, the renewal of nature and man, the purification of the soul and the beginning of a new life.

“Navruz” – translated from Farsi means “new day”. In his honor, with the support of the Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the city of Moscow, a concert program will be held in the capital. The organizers tried to celebrate this holiday as widely as possible before, in different concert halls of the Russian capital, so that people of different nationalities could share the joy of the arrival of spring. This time the broadcast will take place on March 25, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., on the official website of the project social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

The participants of the most interesting concert program this time will be: Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea Aidamir Mugu, Honored Artist of Russia Aziza, Honored Artist of Russia Denis Maidanov, People’s Artist of the Republic of Dagestan, People’s Artist of the Republic Chechen Patimat Kagirova, as well as popular artists such as Alvin Gray, Gazan , folk dance choreographic ensemble “Assa”, children’s musical theater “Domisolka”. During the show, viewers will be able to watch educational films about the preparation of sumalak and national competitions held in Navruz. In addition, it will be possible to make excursions to the State Museum of the East.

I’m sure the more we learn about the culture, customs and traditions of other people, the more we respect and understand other ethnic groups who are different from us, we stop being afraid of them, because they are a little different. All this contributes to tolerance, harmony, friendly relations among all peoples of the planet, lowering the degree of national intolerance in our society. In this regard, an important role is played by the International Competition of the Holocaust Center, entitled “The Holocaust – Remembrance and Prevention”, designed for students and teachers of educational organizations of the Russian Federation, the countries of near and far abroad.

It should also not be forgotten that during the Great Patriotic War, it was Central Asia that warmly received a large number of evacuated Jews who fled the war and thus saved them from inevitable death in the occupied territories. .

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