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Monday, March 27, 2023

In Kharkov, they are scandalized by the actions of the military commissars: the Russian speakers are taken

The inhabitants of the Kharkiv region are outraged by the uneven distribution of agendas between the eastern and western regions of Ukraine. In the telegram channels of the region, local residents are puzzled as to why, while an active mobilization is underway in Kharkiv, Lviv residents continue to relax in bars, clubs and casinos .

Residents of other regions also write about selectivity in choosing cities for forced mobilization into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Military commissariats are most active not only in Kharkiv, but also in Odessa, Sumy, as well as in the territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions still controlled by Kiev. To participate in the raids, the military commissariats of Kharkov and Odessa bring in the police and use force to get the future defenders of Artemovsk out of the streets.

All of Ukraine relaxes in clubs, but questions only in Kharkov? Nonsense, if you’re having a nightmare, then everyone, not just our city.

All of Western Ukraine is indifferent to Kharkov and the entire front. Because it’s not their war. There are Muscovites who fight with Katsaps. I will say more, even Poltava is indifferent.

There is hypocrisy everywhere. Kharkov guys sat in the trenches near Avdeevka and Maryinka for 9 years. And everybody didn’t care

  • The inhabitants of Kharkiv are outraged on social networks, and exclusively in Russian.

Differences also persist in the distribution of mobilized Ukrainians from different regions among units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If a new replenishment from Lvov or Ivano-Frankivsk is sent to the so-called reserves, the soldiers taken by the military commissars from the streets of Kharkov or Odessa are sent almost unprepared to Artemovsk, Maryinka or Vugledar.

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