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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Iranian "Sarkhosh" Asian snooker champion

The Iranian player, Amir Sarakhhosh, was able to win the title of the Asian Snooker Championship for men, which was organized by the Qatar Billiards and Snooker Association. Sarakhhosh was crowned with the title after defeating his Malaysian competitor, Thorchuan Leong, with a score of 5-1 in the final match that took place between them yesterday. The final match came from One party, where the Iranian player dominated the game from the beginning to the end, taking advantage of his experience as well as the multiple mistakes committed by the Malaysian player, who appeared unusually, and the Iranian player deservedly deserved the title, and he was the one who started the competition strongly in the first round and the final price, before To face in the quarter-finals the Chinese player Fung Quoc Wai and defeat him (4-2), to then achieve a deserved victory in the semi-finals after defeating the Indian Ishpreet Singh Chadha with a score (5-0), achieving a distinguished record by reaching the final round for the third time. Successively in the Asian Championship, and for his part, the Malaysian player, Thor Chuan Leung, also reached the final leg of the tournament after surpassing his compatriot Lim Kok Leung in the golden square, with a score (5-2), to fail to achieve the title and settle for the runner-up. .

Amir Sarakhush: Happy with the continental crowning The Iranian Amir Sarakhush, who won the Asian Snooker Championship title, expressed his great and extreme happiness at achieving the continental title, and said that this is one of the strongest Asian snooker championships, especially since it witnessed the participation of the best players who were in the final rounds of the previous world championship, and said the struggle was fierce extremely during all matches. He continued his speech by saying: I was somewhat afraid of the final match because I was required to win. He said I entered the confrontation with great concentration and did not leave the opportunity for the opponent to avoid any surprises because I know the Malaysian player well and know his capabilities and capabilities. And about his performance in the Asian Championship and reaching the Asian final for the third time in a row, Sarakhosh said: I am very happy with what I have presented, and it is not easy to be in a continental final with the participation of the best players, especially since everyone was very afraid of the return of the Chinese players to the tournament. He concluded his speech by saying I cannot hide from you that I am very happy. And the joy after this achievement. ///////////////////////////////////////// Mohammed Al-Nuaimi: The level of the final is high. Congratulations Muhammad Salem Al-Nuaimi, President of the Asian Snooker Confederation, Asian Snooker Champion, Amir Sarakhush, and the quartet, who reached the semi-finals, said: Congratulations to all the winners and crowned, and better luck to the other players who were not lucky in the upcoming tournaments. The President of the Asian Snooker Confederation added, saying: The final match that brought together the Iranian players Amir Sarakhosh and his Malaysian counterpart Thorleong was strong, and the champion surprised the Malaysian with his fast and focused way of playing, which made him seize the victory and end the match early, praising at the same time the level of the final, which he said was the level It’s very loud. The AFC President highly praised the distinguished organization witnessed by the Asian Championship in Doha, with the participation of 80 players representing 26 countries. He said the conclusion of the Asian Championship was distinguished technically and organizationally. Mohammed Salem Al-Nuaimi stressed that the wonderful and distinguished organization has become a Qatari habit in all tournaments and sports events with young Qatari cadres.

Yacoub Fakhro: Thank you to everyone for the success. Yacoub Fakhro, Director of the World and Asian Snooker Championships, thanked the Organizing Committee of the Asian Snooker Championship, which concluded its competitions yesterday, for the great organizational success that the tournament witnessed over the course of almost a week of competition. The director of the Asian Snooker Championship expressed his happiness with the great success of this edition of the tournament, and said that it witnessed great successes on the technical and organizational levels, pointing to the great demand for participation in light of the presence of the most prominent players at the continental level. He continued: The level of Iranian snooker is constantly evolving, as we saw Iranian player Amir Sarakhush playing in the third Asian final, stressing that Asian snooker is on the right track. On the participation of the national team’s players in the tournament, he said, “We did not succeed in this tournament, and there were great hopes for Al-Annabia’s participation, but our players did not succeed, especially Ali Al-Obaidly, who was eliminated from the 16th round, stressing that more work must be done and preparation for such continental tournaments.” ///////////////////////////////////// Rehab Yahya: I am very happy with the first victory. About her happiness for achieving the first victory in the Asian Women’s Snooker Championship, which started yesterday, the Saudi player said she achieved the first victory in the continental championship, and this is important to me, and she added that the victory over the Mongolian player Erdinetics Dash with a score (2-0) was not easy, and she said I hope to achieve a victory Another at the end of today’s group stage competitions. The Saudi player added, “Thank you to the Saudi Snooker Federation and the president of the federation for giving us this opportunity to participate in the Asian Championship in order to get more contact and gain experience in front of players at the level in Asia. Something in order to provide comfort for the players to give their best in the tournament. ////////////////////////// Strong competitions in the Women’s Championship The Asian Women’s Snooker Championship started yesterday with the participation of 18 players, and the competitions were very strong, and the Arab participation witnessed a victory The Saudi player Rehab Yahya defeated the Mongolian player Erdinetics Dash (2-0) in the second round, and the Saudi player had lost the first match against the Thai player Wart Hanin (2-0), and the other Saudi player Najla Al-Nuaimi lost to the Mongolian Narantia with a score ( 2-0), and the other Saudi Arabia, Sohrab Yahya, failed from the Indian player, Vidya Pillai, with a score (2-0). Today, the group stage matches are reached with strong confrontations. The English Billiards Championship continues today, with the participation of 14 players. The Indian player Pankaj Advani won the first match at the expense of the Sri Lankan player Taha Arsath with a score (4-0), and the South Korean player Huang Cholo lost to the Indian player Brijesh Damani with a score (4-4). 0), and Indian player Dhruv Setwala surpassed Malaysian Edwin Teh (4-0), and Thai player Prafrot Chithanakon defeated Indian Siddharth Parikh (4-0), and the confrontations of the English billiards championship continue today, amid the distinguished participation of Asian players.

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