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Saturday, March 25, 2023

“So I have to remember to be very careful and not to unknowingly and accidentally throw you under the wagon of my masculinity”

“Why do you think we can just have some sort of football podcast where we can just air opinions?” And why do I feel so uncomfortable?” Sóley asks, and Þorsteinn replies, “Actually, I’m floundering in my arrogance. It’s always cool for me to have an opinion and have discussions and discussions and be informal when there are other standards that apply to you.”

In the latest episode of Fjórðu Vakt, which is overseen by genre experts Sóleyjar Tómasdóttir and Þorstein V. Einarsson, they talk about a conversation they had about the preparation, nature and attitude of the episodes and the lessons what they get out of it.

Fear of losing listening conditions

Sóley explains on the show that after decades of struggle, she very recently began to feel that people are ready to listen to what she has to offer and that she has to be very careful about those listening conditions” I’m so afraid that I’m supporting the extreme woman with opinions she can’t back up (…) I have to be much more careful than you who became famous overnight, by chance, and can’t present feminist theories than like your opinion.”

Thorsteinn accepts Sóley’s words: “Exactly.” And live it safe, secure and generally well received. I’m not saying that there are only flowers and roses and that everyone always welcomes me. But we have to talk about these different standards and how we approach things.”

Þorsteinn takes as an example how he was generally welcomed in the feminist struggle and his contribution was criticized, which is not Sóley’s experience. Therefore, they explain, different measures apply to their contribution, as there is a greater risk for Sóleyja than for Þorstein of making a mistake.

Men can learn a lot from women

“We men can learn many things from women. For example, I can prepare myself conscientiously, by responsibility and by the professional responsibility I want to bear, so I don’t cause the opposite effect to what I want” , says Þorsteinn, and Sóley agrees and says that feminist activism is a constantly developing process.

“We are in a process of constant development, but it is important that we talk about this process. Deconstructing the electrical system involves telling our personal stories, how we learn and grow,” explains Sóley.

They put their experiences and experiences in the context of research on the contribution of men and women to equality and attitudes towards them. She claims that male managers are more disadvantaged than female managers if they emphasize gender equality, while she seems to weaken the position of female managers. Research also shows that male feminists tend to be insensitive to their own masculinity, how they sometimes denigrate women, take up too much space or attention, and act inconsistently with their own ideology. “So I have to remember to work very hard and not to unknowingly and accidentally throw you under the wagon of my masculinity,” Þorsteinn says.

You can listen to a clip from the episode below, but the full episode is available at cværð

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