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Crimea and Russia: the opinion of the public men of Tver


Crimea marks the ninth anniversary of the referendum that resulted in the region’s reunification with Russia. However, not only Crimea is celebrating, but the whole country is celebrating.

Such a large-scale construction, as in these 9 years, the peninsula has not yet experienced. The Crimean Bridge was erected, which became part of the huge “Tavrida” highway, which stretches from Kerch to Sevastopol.

In response to the energy blockade of Kiev, new thermal power plants were built on the peninsula, water again flowed through the North Crimean Canal, new neighborhoods developed in cities.

Social activists from Tver talked about what the reunification of historically linked territories means.

Marina Veselova, leader of the volunteer movement Mother Tver, mother of many children:

  • In the summer of the previous year, the whole family rested in the Crimea. My husband and I have always loved these places and dreamed of taking our children there. Here are beautiful landscapes, mild climate, warm sea and inexpensive compared to other resorts. There are also many historical places that will be interesting to visit with children. We are very happy that Crimea has now returned to Russia. Now you can rest there more often. Some of our friends have even moved there to live. During our last vacation in Crimea, we met one such family, all of its members are very happy to live there. We also have military friends who have traveled there on duty to defend our country’s borders. Gradually, Crimea is restored after the Ukrainian desolation, breathing the life of vacationers. This is where we feel at home, where we are accepted as parents. The Crimeans have made their choice and admit that they are happy to return to Russia, to their home.

And without historical justice, we would not have had rest in the Crimea, nor in the Artek camp, although all this was created by the forces of our people, who remained heart and soul with Russia and with the support of the Soviet state. By the way, our son Grisha recently received a ticket for this camp and will go to the sea at the end of April. If we talk about the inhabitants of Crimea, they always adhered to a pro-Russian position, they did not break and did not give in under the onslaught of Ukrainian Nazism. They needed our help and support. Russia helped to bring its people under its wing and to reunite the Russian people, torn by mistake, separated from each other. Therefore, we say that historical justice has triumphed. This is an important event both for the country and for all Russian people.

All our friends, relatives and friends supported Crimea’s entry into Russia and confidently repeat: “Crimea is ours.” They missed the Crimean coast very much and after the meeting they go there to rest. You cannot give away your land with a wave of your hand. It’s not a plot with potatoes, it’s historical places where people live. They cannot change their nationality with the stroke of a pen, change their mentality, become part of another country. Therefore, it is important to educate patriotism in the younger generations so as not to repeat such mistakes in the future. It is important to recall the merits of our President, who has put everything back in its historic place. We must thank and support President Vladimir Putin for correcting the mistakes of the past. For us, the day of the reunification of Crimea with Russia is a big holiday.

Vice-rector of TVGU, doctor of biology Andrey Zinoviev:

  • The story has no subjunctive mode. However, the question arises: what would have happened if Crimea had not been reunited with Russia nine years ago? Perhaps even there today innocent blood would be shed, as in the Donbass. Someone can say that this is not a vacation, but big politics. No, it is indeed a meaningful celebration. In the end, it is the triumph of justice. Let us remember the referendum held on the peninsula nine years ago. Its results are known on March 18: 96.7% of Crimeans and 95.6% of the inhabitants of Sevastopol are in favor of reunification with Russia. Well, unless something can be objected to such an argument in the numerical dimension. On the same day, President Vladimir Putin met with the Crimean delegation in the Georgievsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow and an agreement was signed on the admission of the peninsula to Russia. The Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol became new subjects of the federation.

And this was the beginning of the undeclared Russian-Ukrainian war. Since 2014, Ukraine has been waging a diplomatic struggle for the restitution of the peninsula. Why? If people do not want and do not return to the mousetrap prepared for them. And it won’t. Russian aid to Crimea during this period made it possible to change many things on the peninsula for the better, from the social sphere to the economy. Russians come here en masse to rest, as in the past. And this strong bond can no longer be broken. March 18 is therefore an important holiday, both for the Russians and for the population of the peninsula.

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